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International Aviation Forecast Summit

Details:Get Prepared To Know The Future. This August, we"re planning a Forecast Summit that"s going to be even more incisive and exciting than any in our 22 year history. Big things are emerging in all areas of aviation - whether it"s airport planning, fleet programs, air service access, new technologies or airline strategies - the whole planning foundations of the industry have shifted. The IAFS is designed to deliver new perspectives and planning concepts, based on futurist and independent forecasts. This year, we"ll be exploring the new perspectives in aviation: Global System Shifts. In the US, there is a new administration that has already signaled huge changes in the federal approach to aviation planning. In the EU, we have the fallout from Brexit. In Asia, we have the Chinese airline industry expanding globally and aggressively. There are whole new airline operating strategies coming as global alliances become less a factor. Shrinking US Air Transportation Networks. In the US, the entire air transportation system is regionalizing and co-terminalizing. The continued shift to larger units of capacity, and very low expansion of flight operations has had a material effect on air service access planning. Different Aircraft Needs. New fleet strategies - the name of the game is now revenue generation, not necessarily traffic volume. This will have material effects on financial planning, airport facility needs, corollary surface transportation. Globalization of Aviation Demand - it"s now as important to forecast at Bangor as it is in Beijing. This is a global economy, and it is affecting aviation planning materially. Real Aviation Forecasts: The past is not a harbinger of the future. The raw economics of air transportation are shifting where this mode can grow, and where it will shrink. We"ll be looking at all areas of the industry - passenger traffic, air cargo, fleet retirements and replacement, and, as always, the Airports:USA enplanement trend forecasts. Insights from industry leaders. The IAFS is an exploration event. We sit down with CEOs and senior executives from across the industry and across the globe to discuss the future. No rambling panels of "opinions" and no canned presentations from government bureaucrats. ______________________________ The 3rd Annual China-US Aviation Opportunities Symposium - August 26, 2017 Come Early For The 3rd Annual China-US Aviation Opportunities Symposium, on August 26! The Symposium, delivered by the China Ni Hao, LLC team, will cover the latest in programs for communities and airports to prepare for the 4 million + Chinese who will be planning to visit the US in 2018.


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