Published on Friday, October 27, 2017

Your FAM invitation to a truly delicious springtime Italian feast of food, wine and much more

Just imagine you are one of the first to discover this beautiful warm naturally Italian all-encompassing sensory experience

You are in beautiful flower-scented surroundings atop a sunny, vineyard-laden Italian hill complete with an atmospheric medieval castle with a view over the Adriatic sea...

Comfortably sitting in the fresh Romagna air, you're just starting a feast of local specialties such as freshly-made Cappeletti ('Little Hats' pasta made of local eggs and local  flour from local wheat - stuffed with the freshest of fresh cream cheese and nutmeg) smothered with a fabulous rich Ragu meat sauce and a little parmesan.

Obviously you'll also have that delight of Romagna cuisine - the delicious heart-warming Passatelli (looks like thick spaghetti but is actually fine breadcrumbs combined with parmesan, lemon zest, nutmeg and eggs then pushed through a potato ricer into a clear broth). A clear broth? For a whole day a big tasty local capon has been boiled with great haunches of beef and pork and local vegetables to get the richest broth with the most glorious aroma. When the Passatelli and the broth meld together in a tureen just the perfume will send you in raptures of delight.

And that's not even the beginning - to start you'll have eaten  the sweetest of different local speciality prosciuttos and salamis together with really tasty aged and fresh local cheeses with an array of pickled vegetables and that extraordinarily Romagna relish - 'Savor' of which delight recipes are jealously guarded (but they usually include local walnuts, apples, quinces and always fresh grape must). And without doubt with this course you'll have enjoyed the speciality local flatbread - Piadina.

And the main course will often be a simple selection of local meats - succulent rare breed black-faced Mora Romagnola pork, really lamby -tasting grass-fed Castrata sheep's meat from the hills, superbly-spicy Salciccia mixtures of pork and beef and you'll have devoured the truly tender locally-raised Romagnola beef. All these meats are usually grilled on an open wood fire to add  even more aroma and taste.

The vegetables to go with all this will be superb - from the local yellow potatoes beautifully roasted with Rosemary, outside crunchy, inside fluffy to the wild Erbette gathered from the local fields and the mixture of truly tasty local eggplants, courgettes, tomatoes and peppers grilled to perfection.

For dessert, you'll probably have a local specialty - Zuppa Inglese - a confection of sponge cake, cream, chocolate and that oh so delicious ancient licquer made from roses - Rosolio.

With the dessert you'll surely drink a glass of one of Romagna's special sweet wines from its ancient vineyards - the delicious golden fragrant Albana or Passito late harvest wines. With your starter, there will be nothing lovelier than a glass of local sparkling Pagadebit or Pignoletto, with the pasta and the main course one of the fabulous rich local Sangiovese wines.

Maybe you'll have room for a totally delicious art-form gelato.

Your feast will have no aftertaste other than wonderful memories. Hungry already?

This is just a taste of a taste of Romagna food - acclaimed as the best in Italy. There is also on offer some of the most glorious art and culture from pre-Roman to today; some of the most unmissable world-heritage art from the world-famous 1500-year old mosaics to 20th century art deco architecture; some of the most stunning scenery from castle-topped hills and mountains to the glorious Adriatic sea. Some of the most evocative sights like world heritage city Ravenna, mountaintop republic San Marino, da Vinci's seaport of Cesenatico and Roman city Rimini.

The fact is - Romagna, between Venice and Florence, the Appenines and the Adriatic is rich in heritage and rich in food and wine in culture and in hospitality. Richer, indeed than Tuscany!

And so far, there are few tourists.

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