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Ferla at brand new city venue, ELLA

Details: It"s not what you know, it"s where you go. ELLA is Melbourne"s new destination for good food and great drinks, local music and cool art. Melbourne after-dark pop darlings, Ferla, have just released their debut album "It"s Personal." Through confessional lyricism and synth-pop tones, the album seeks to turn personal experience into communal release. From discomfiture to levity, the songs take moments of honest self-assessment, wit and pathos and juice them into a soulful Ferla song. We"re on board to hear these lyrical, confessional, slow-burn pop bangers to kick off our Saturday night. Heartbreak never sounded so good. Join us at ELLA, on the corner of Elizabeth and La Trobe in the CBD, for a bite to eat and some soulful tunes with stories to which everyone can relate. See you there, friends.


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