Spotlight: Wyoming

Discover the American West. From towering, snow-capped mountain ranges to elevated prairies, Wyoming is an outpost of rugged beauty, and home to some of the USA's most diverse wildlife. This state has a friendly, welcoming culture with a Western flair that is evident from the luxury of Jackson Hole to its historic small towns. The USA's least populous state, Wyoming is also one of the richest in unspoiled nature. Two of the most famous U.S. national parks – Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park – are located here. These destinations beckon outdoors lovers and adventurers looking to unplug and tune into Mother Nature. From big skies, cowboy culture and American Indian powwows to five-star food, sumptuous spas and a lively craft beer scene, Wyoming offers an invigorating view into authentic Western life.


The Equality State

Major airports:
Denver International Airport (DEN)
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)

Spring: -5°C to 8°C
Summer: 13°C to 28°C
Autumn: 7°C to 22°C
Winter: -7°C to 4°C

Mountain Daylight Time
(-6 hours GMT)


Getting around

Whether you're travelling through Wyoming by air, car, motorhome or horseback, the state encompasses more than 97,800 square miles… Therefore, distances can be long. Whatever route you're planning to use to get around the destination, remember to plan ahead to your next stop or petrol station.

New & Trending

Parks After Dark at Devils Tower: As darkness falls on Devils Tower, a different kind of light illuminates the sky – and the night sky is one of many resources which Devils Tower National Monument protects. Oral histories about the Tower incorporate tribal star knowledge, and throughout the year the park hosts night sky programs.

150-Year Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in Wyoming: 2019 commemorates 150 years since the women of the Territory of Wyoming won the right to vote. Drive Highway 28 through Wind River Country and visit South Pass City State Historic Site to learn about women's suffrage and history in the state.

Pitchfork Western Outdoor Cookout: Pinedale's one of a kind outdoor dining experience for couples, families and large groups. Guests can enjoy a great meal under an open sky, with space for children to play and views of the Wind River Mountains. Famous for the hand trimmed steaks and homemade potato chips.

Fun fact: Yellowstone National Park was the world's first National Park (est. 1872). Wyoming is also home to the largest concentration of geysers and thermal features in the world.

Must see

Yellowstone National Park: The park's two million acres are home to an incomparable combination of natural beauty, rugged wilderness, majestic peaks and abundant wildlife, as well as the world's largest concentration of geysers and thermal features. Old Faithful, Lower Falls and Yellowstone Lake attract and enthral visitors year-round.

Grand Teton National Park: Grand Teton's 310,00 acres includes lush valley floors, mountain meadows, alpine lakes and 230 miles of hiking trails. While iconic locations like Mormon Row and the Moulton Barn may be the most photographed destinations in the park, nature lovers should make sure they don't miss Grand Teton's celestial peaks.

Devils Tower National Monument: Anchoring the northeast corner of Wyoming is the country's first national monument – Devils Tower. A laccolithic butte that is made up of igneous rock, Devils Tower is a jaw-dropping geological feature that rises 867 feet above Wyoming's rolling prairies and is sacred to many Northern Plains Indian tribes.

Skiing in Jackson Hole: When it comes to incredible powder, epic downhill terrain and sunshine-filled days, Wyoming is a destination unlike any other. With 2,500 acres of legendary terrain, in the far northwest corner of the state, the world-class Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers a 4,139-foot vertical rise and unparalleled backcountry access.

Cheyenne Frontier Days: Since 1897, Cheyenne has celebrated its Old West roots with this eye-popping festival. The centrepiece of this Western celebration is the world's largest outdoor rode, which draws top professionals who compete for more than $1 million in cash and prizes. Plus, don't miss the saloons, dancing, cook-offs and pancake breakfasts!

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