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Winners Announced!

- Winners Announced! -

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Find inspiration for your visit on the open road – from scenic routes to rugged trails. From the sand covered to the well-traveled. They lead us to the beauty of nature and the beauty of simple pleasures. The open road is alive and well, and waiting to take us to Pure Michigan.

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As the platinum sponsor for this year's TravelMole UK Awards, Pure Michigan offered guests of the awards event the chance to find out more about the state and of course enjoy the music, as with each year the awards celebrate a genre of music. Michigan's enviable back catalogue of music not least of which is Motown. Hitsville U.S.A., based in the heart of Detroit, is where Motown was born made and remains to this day one of the most popular genres in the world. It is not just Motown though, Techno, Madonna, Alice Cooper, Bill Haley, Eminem and many more all originated within the state.

Throughout the state there are major attractions starting on the south in Ann Arbor with its bustling culinary scene and of course the Big House (America's largest college sports stadium) through to Grand Rapids, home of the Gerald Ford Presidential Library and Museum and known as Beer City USA, the west of the state has a lot to offer the visitor.

Travel up the shoreline of Lake Michigan to True North, Traverse City, and you will find wine, cherries, culinary, golf and water sports. There are few people that have not heard about the comeback city of the USA, Detroit. An urban area that has been transformed from its dependence on manufacturing to a haven of artisan businesses', restaurants and nearby in Dearborn the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. A true 'must see' attraction just minutes from down town Detroit.

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Recognising the best of web, social, mobile and technology in the travel industry, the 14th Annual TravelMole UK Awards are pleased to announce the winners for 2018.

The sponsors of these awards include Pure Michigan, Brand USA, Travel2, TravelTek, Designate, 1BTN, and MNDA

The formal event was held on November 22nd, 2018 on board a City Cruise boat travelling up and down the Thames with an after party to follow.

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