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Itinerary: Alaska – Mountains, Glaciers and Parks
National Parks and Beyond Anchorage | Kodiak Island | Denali National Park

About this itinerary

Recommended travelling time: 10 nights
Recommended travel season: Summer
A self-drive tour that explores the wonderous sights and adventures of America's largest state.

Anchorage, Alaska


Arrive in Anchorage by air or water. Once you arrive there's plenty on offer in one of the world's most northern cities. In the city visit the Alaska Aviation Museum or the Crow's Nest atop The Hotel Captain Cook. Explore the wonderful surroundings with one of the specialist tours who will show you all the natural highlights such as the Portage Glacier, Mount Alyeska or Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where you will see wolves, elk and grizzly bears.


Kodiak Island, Alaska

Start the morning learning about Alaska's rich cultural history at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Here you will be introduced to the state's 11 major cultural groups and see where they live. For those who love to be outdoors the 2.4-kilometer trail and hike to the summit of the 1,070-meter Flattop Mountain is not to be missed. In the afternoon, take a 45-minute flight from Anchorage to Kodiak Island for an overnight stay.

Anchorage, Alaska

Kodiak Island, famous for its 3,000-strong bear population, can be explored either by taking a guided sightseeing excursion or sea float tour, or if you prefer simply hire a car and take yourself on a tour of the island. There is no shortage of adventure on Kodiak Island, the second largest in the USA after Hawaii. Take an early evening flight back to Anchorage.


Denali National Park, Alaska

There is a range of scenic options for your journey from Anchorage to Denali National Park. One option is Denali Star Train which offers spectacular views of Mount McKinley and the Alaska wilderness en route. Alternatively, the Park Connection Motorcoach offers different views. Many people choose to ride the train in one direction and the bus the other way to view different scenery. For aerial views, the air service runs from Anchorage to Denali.

Denali National Park, Alaska

Enjoy a full day exploring the wondrous natural sights of Denali which covers more than 2 million hectares and features the tallest peak in North America. Join a bus tour to take in as much as possible, or enjoy the surrounding beauty taking part in one of the many outdoor activities on offer. There is ample hiking and for the more adventurous white-water rafting on the Nenana River and mountain biking.


Anchorage, Alaska

Return to Anchorage by bus, train or airplane and enjoy an afternoon and evening discovering the shopping, arts, crafts, museums and dining options in the city.

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