Volcanic Peaks to Sparkling Shores | Portland, Astoria, Olympic National Park, Seattle, Mount Rainer National Park, Mount Hood, Crater Lake National Park, Coos Bay
Itinerary: Volcanic Peaks to Sparkling Shores
Regional Experiences Portland | Astoria | Olympic National Park
Seattle | Mount Rainer National Park | Mount Hood
Crater Lake National Park | Coos Bay

About this itinerary

Driving distance: 1186 miles
Recommended travelling time: 18 days
Recommended travel season: Summer
See the American Northwest in all its glory, from the vibrant cities of Seattle and Portland, climbing to take in the awesome views from the mountains across Oregon and Washington, and steadily coming down to the incredible waterfronts in areas like Crater Lake National Park.

Portland, Oregon


Residents boast, 'It's hard not to eat local in Portland'. The city's culinary scene is known for its originality, evident in the number of homegrown craft breweries and many restaurants and cafes. You'll find food vendors at the open-air Portland Saturday Market, along with live music and local crafts people selling unique items. Dinner at Olympic Provisions Restaurant is a must to experience its cured meats and sausages.
To next stop: 92 miles| Total driven: 0 miles

Astoria, Oregon

Back in the early 1800s, explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led an expedition that ended in the Pacific Northwest. At Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, visit 12 sites along the Columbia River and the Pacific Coast. As you imagine what life might have been like then for them and the Native Americans they met, follow trails through forests and wetlands, along the river and by the beach.
To next stop: 112 miles | Total driven: 92 miles


Olympic National Park, Washington

Today explore Olympic National Park, a diverse park spanning many ecosystems, including the glaciated peaks of the Olympic Mountains, ancient rainforests and the shores of Lake Crescent and the Pacific Ocean. The park is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, and a definite multiple night destination for climbing, hiking, skiing and sightseeing.
To next stop: 53 miles | Total driven: 204 miles


Seattle, Washington

Follow the breath-taking coastline to Seattle, Washington, where there's no better introduction to this lively city than Pike Place Market, a historic bazaar known for its amazing array of goods. See the panoramic views from the top of the Space Needle, marvel at the glass sculptures at Chihuly Garden and Glass and explore the Frank O. Gehry-designed Museum of Pop Culture, all within walking distance.
To next stop: 66 miles | Total driven: 257 miles

Mount Rainer National Park, Washington

Leave Seattle and travel southeast to the gateway to Mount Rainier National Park. With its summit over 14,400 feet above sea level, the dominant feature of this park is the frozen peak of Mount Rainier, an active volcano. The valleys, meadows and rivers surrounding the base of this peak are strewn with wildflowers and home to many species of wildlife.
To next stop: 188 miles | Total driven: 323 miles

Mount Hood, Oregon

Part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Cascade Range is home to Mount St. Helens National Historic Monument and Mount St. Helens, an active volcano that last erupted in 1980 and is known for its ash explosions and pyroclastic flows. Continue along the Pacific Crest Scenic Trail to Mount Hood, with its year-round snow-capped peak and 12 glaciers, and six ski resorts and surrounded by crystal-clear lakes, forests and wildflower meadows.
To next stop: 212 | Total driven: 535 miles


Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

At Oregon's southern end of the Cascade Range and the Pacific Crest Scenic Trail is Crater Lake National Park, home to Crater Lake. Formed by a volcanic eruption, and the collapse of the volcano more than 7,000 years ago, the lake is the deepest in the USA and one of the deepest in the world.
To next stop: 216 miles | Total driven: 747 miles

Coos Bay, Oregon

Head to the Siskiyou Mountains and Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve, where you'll explore the caves, known as the 'Marble Halls of Oregon'. Inside the chilly caves – 44 degrees Fahrenheit – that formed as rainwater from forests eroded the marble below, learn about the geology and see fossils, spectacular formations and bats. From the caves, return to the breath-taking Oregon Coast and the Pacific Ocean.
To next stop: 223 miles | Total driven: 963 miles


Portland, Oregon

Follow the ever-changing Oregon Coastal Highway, exploring quaint towns and seascapes, before entering the Willamette Valley, considered Oregon's Wine Country, known worldwide for its pinot noir. More than 300 wineries operate in the region, and this is a perfect place to stop on your way back to Portland for some wine tasting and lunch. Look for wineries with on-site restaurants.
Total driven: 1186 miles

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