to Discover Dominica in 2019
1) Nature - Dominica is designated 'The Nature Island', where beautifully green landscapes, fascinating wildlife and adventure activities await travellers of all kinds. Home to 365 rivers, misty rainforests, countless waterfalls, hot springs, and the 2nd largest boiling lake in the world!
2) Hiking & trekking - Dominica is the #1 hiking destination in the Caribbean, with over 300 miles of diverse historic trails to explore. It's home to the Waitukubuli National Trial, the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean region (115 miles divided into 14 segments). 
3) Diving & snorkelling - Home to a variety of sea life including octopus, rays, trumpet fish, hawksbill turtles, seahorses, and eels, Dominica is a top dive destination in the world. Snorkelling is like swimming in a champagne glass, with bubbling waters rising from volcanic thermal springs on the ocean floor. 
4) Whale watching- Dominica is the only country in the world where the Sperm Whale resides all year long. Just a short boat ride brings you into contact with Sperm Whales up to 70 feet long! Visitors are also likely to see Dolphins showing off their acrobatic skills. 
5) Canyoning- Wherever rock meets water, canyoning uses the natural environment as an adventure water park. In Dominica that means venturing into the heart of the rainforest to climb waterfalls, swim through blue pools, rappel down rock faces, and jump over cascades into crystal clear waters. 
6) Kalinago culture - Visitors can experience life as it was centuries ago by exploring the last remaining community of Carib Indians, the Kalinago, Dominica's indigenous people. Kalinago culture still today continues the same acts of basket weaving, canoe building, pottery making, and wood carving.
7) Health & wellness - Dominica is the eastern Caribbean's health and wellness capital; an island filled with raw nature, clean air and water that is so pure you can safely drink straight from its mountain rivers. Dominica has a number of natural  hot pools created from the sulphur springs which seep up from below. 
8) A Pirates life for me! - Dominica is one of the filming locations used in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Visitors can embark on a walking tour that takes in many of the same vistas seen in the films, including the Indian River (the movie's "Pantano River"), "Cannibal Island" in the Valley of Desolation, and "Shipwreck Cove" near Capucin Cape. 
9) Festivals - Dominica is famous throughout the Caribbean for fun, festive events all through the year including Carnival, Jazz 'n Creole, and World Creole Music Festival. Full of culture and heritage, these events express the islands lifestyle in vibrant colours and sounds.
10) Accommodation - Dominica offers an array of places to stay - guests can choose from spots that specifically cater to hiking and diving enthusiasts, ecotourism, or those seeking relaxation and restoration, or simply choose from a variety of high-end boutique villas, resort living, modest hotels, or homely cottages. 
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