The super power in bed banks

Stuba is the super power in bed banks..."Yeh right, is there such a thing we hear you cry?" Well, we certainly think so and we will back it up!

Although we have a new name following the merger of getabed with roomsXML last year (isn't that what people do when they get married, change their name?), a shiny new website and lots of new features, behind that the same great teams are on hand to guide you through.

We have over 28 years of experience in the bed bank sector, not many other companies have that level of longevity and in todays uncertain trading market, there's a huge amount to be said for that level of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our MSE-2 rating from Standard and Poors means that we have a high level of credit worthiness. Again in today's uncertain times, this is certainly something that you should be checking out from your suppliers.

Stuba is IS0 9001:2015 Certified, which means that we are able to demonstrate the ability to consistently, provide products and services that meet your needs!

Many of our existing agents that have moved over to Stuba are thrilled with the changes that have been made along with the knowledge that they are dealing with a secure and reputable company.

All this on top of our stringent checks on our direct properties, our brilliant teams across the globe who are passionate about what they do with huge knowledge of our sector, our agent friendly tools such as Retina, Q-Push, 'Preferred by Agent's and our excellent review tools; we think we are the Super Power in bed banks.
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