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The travel industry is on the cusp of revolution in revenue management. Dynamic pricing promises to deliver personalized prices, offers and products matched to each customers willingness to pay.

Achieving the goal is not easy!

That's why at EyeforTravel we've just released the "Dynamic and Personalized Pricing Report". This 22-page report gets inside technical, ethical and legal challenges facing travel brands as they adopt dynamic pricing. It reveals how to master these factors to deliver higher yields, conversion rates and customer retention levels as prices get closer to matching true demand.

Download your free dynamic pricing white paper here

This report features:
  • Real-world examples of advanced pricing practices from Airbnb, Amazon, Uber and more
  • How to integrate dynamic pricing into increasingly complex distribution networks
  • Breakdown of the latest travel pricing practices and how the landscape is changing
  • What customers are willing to pay! Rules to create your own advanced pricing regime

Download your free dynamic pricing white paper here

To learn how to your organization can become more effective at creating pricing structures and institute dynamic pricing, download the free report now.



Helen Raff
Chief Product Officer | EyeforTravel
Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7582
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