Itinerary – Oregon Trail and the Wild West
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon

Regional Journeys Independence | Kansas City | Omaha | North Platte | Scottsbluff
Casper | Rock Springs | Yellowstone National Park
Pocatello | Boise | Fort Walla Walla | Oregon City

About this itinerary

Driving distance:2,261 Miles
Recommended travelling time: 14 Nights
Recommended travel season: Spring or Summer
Follow the Oregon Trail from Missouri to Oregon through the Wild West, following in the footsteps of those who first migrated West. Tracing their journey, you will experience the forts, historic sites, museums, and attractions that celebrate one of the largest human migrations in history.

Independence, Missouri/Kansas City, Kansas
to Omaha, Nebraska


Founded in 1827, Independence, Missouri marks the start of the Oregon Trail. A few miles from Downtown Kansas City, Independence Square was the official start point of the Oregon Trail. Begin your journey at Independence Square and follow the 2,000-mile journey taken by almost 1/2 million people in the mid-1800s who had a dream to "Go West"! Cross into the state of Nebraska, to Omaha, and explore the cobbled streets, boutiques, and galleries of the Old Market.
Length of leg: 195 miles | Total distance travelled: 195 miles


Omaha, Nebraska via North Platte, Nebraska
to Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Head west to Lincoln, Nebraska, the state capital and home to the Nebraska History Museum. Continue to North Platte, home to Buffalo Bill State Historical Park and a life size bronze statue that commemorates his life. Follow the Platte River through North Platte and continue along the Oregon Trail through Nebraska. The final stop today is Scottsbluff, home to Scotts Bluff National Monument, towering 800 feet above the Plains.
Length of leg: 459 miles | Total distance travelled: 654 miles

Scottsbluff, Nebraska via Casper, Wyoming
to Rock Springs, Wyoming

Enter the state of Wyoming, continuing along the North Platte River. Head west to Casper, a central hub in the western migration of the Oregon Trail with a storied and fascinating history. Travel southwest from Casper to Independence Rock, named because you needed to be here before July 4 to complete the trail before winter set in to Rock Springs. From here, explore the Wild Horse Scenic Loop, home to over 1,500 wild horses.
Length of leg: 400 miles | Total distance travelled: 1,054 miles


Rock Springs, Wyoming via Yellowstone National Park,
Wyoming/Montana/Idaho to Pocatello, Idaho

Take a detour from the Oregon Trail to explore spectacular Yellowstone National Park. Take the scenic drive through Grand Teton National Park, past breathtaking Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake, with the granite peaks of the Tetons in the background. Yellowstone spans three states and is America's oldest National Park, home to over 300 geysers, almost 300 waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. Head south into the State of Idaho to Pocatello.
Length of leg: 467 miles | Total distance travelled: 1,521 miles

Pocatello, Idaho via Boise, Idaho to Fort Walla Walla, Washington

Follow the trail west through Magic Valley and the towns of Thousand Springs, Salmon Valley, and Hagerman Fossil Beds, where the wagon ruts from those original settlers are still visible. Continue to Boise, the state capital of Idaho. A visit to the Old State Penitentiary is a must, as well as Main and Grove Street in the Old Town. Continue Northwest into the State of Washington to Walla Walla.
Length of leg: 488 miles | Total distance travelled: 2,009 miles


Walla Walla, Washington to Oregon City, Oregon

Enter the State of Oregon and follow the Columbia River Gorge as you head west. Oregon City was the end of the Oregon Trail, six months and 2,000 miles from the start in Independence, Missouri. Located just south of Portland, 'The End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center and Historic Site' is a live interactive experience that celebrates the journey and its completion in Oregon City.
Length of leg: 252 miles | Total distance travelled: 2,261 miles

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