Join our Czech Republic MEGA-MEGA vFam* trip

There's room for everyone, absolutely everyone. Come and join us on a trip around the Czech Republic with CzechTourism.

Every single travel agent in the country is welcome, no one will be left behind. How about that?

Discover stuff you didn't even know you didn't know about the Czech Republic and help increase your sales and levels of commission.

VFams are the new way to increase your knowledge and sales potential. It's new, it's growing and with your support we will build a world for you to discover.

Login, join any VFam on Spinning Globe and let us know what you think, your comments and feedback are very important to us.

Join the journey at and enjoy a refreshing and engaging new way to learn and increase your sales.

Czech Republic, Maldives, Jordan, Dominica, Taiwan and more VFam trips are all waiting to be explored! If you're a newbie or veteran of the industry there is always new and exciting information to be discovered!


* VFam, powered by Spinning Globe, is an innovative digital knowledge platform based on the concept of the traditional fam-trip, created to help the travel industry deliver a more engaging, rewarding and profitable level of sales training across the sector and across the globe. Our revolutionary virtual-fam concept is the digital learning platform that simplifies and improves destination education whilst supporting the sales process.

(1) Bring a friend, heck, bring the whole crowd. (2) Spinning Globe reserves the right to invite the entire worldwide travel industry to join the journey. (3) Grab a coffee, tea, glass of water or whatever you fancy and make yourself comfortable, we've got a whole world out there to explore. (4) By confirming your attendance, you have demonstrated that you're a pretty clued up agent already.

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