The travel and tourism industry - unveiled like never before!

We know that just about everybody loves to travel. BUT… what has happened to the travel industry?

Where did it all start and how did it get to where it is now? What have been the biggest changes, where is it going next and could it cause irreparable damage to the world as we know it? Or will COVID-19 stamp it all out?

Few people are better placed to answer these questions than Valère Tjolle, one of the industry's most colourful characters, a TravelMole writer and a veteran with sixty years in the business at all levels.

From tiny beginnings all those years ago to the enormous global industry that it is today, travel and tourism has grown to be a massive force in all our lives – for better or for worse.

Follow this astonishing lifetime's adventure across Europe, along The Silk Road, into the heart of Africa, through foodie historic Italy, into destinations only revealed as the Iron Curtain lifted – all seen through the eyes of a uniquely well-informed insider.

This is the back-story to the the rollercoaster ride that is the real travel industry: its heroes and its villains, failures and successes, rags and riches, heartbreak and happiness, bonanzas and bankruptcies.

It tells how fun in the sun has grown dramatically in one lifetime to employ a billion people and cast its shadow and its tempting riches all over our global heritage. This is the story of the addictive industry of dreams that we all love.

Valère Tjolle is the travel and tourism insider. An entrepreneur, consultant, developer and journalist, he has been in at the beginning of almost every tourism development for the last sixty years. There is no one better placed to expose the seedy side of tourism nor to reveal its enormous opportunities to unite people across the globe. This is the story of an industry that could make or break the world's future.

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