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The UK is facing a mental health emergency.

Travel continues to be heavily impacted by the pandemic 
and continues to struggle as we slowly ease the lockdown.
It's effects have not only affected us financially, but emotionally and mentally.

Travel is a socially active, fun-loving and friendly sector.
We miss our friends and colleagues, those events that bring us together
throughout the year. 

They remind us why travel is such a great industry to be in.

That's why TravelMole, ACE Travel Management,
the Israel Government Tourist Office and Talent Courtyard
have come together to invite you to an informal
"no business talk" day of wellness activities that draw on our 5 senses. 

Save the date: Friday 17th July 2020

We're coming together to raise money for the UK mental health charity- Mind. 

In addition to the amazing activities delivered by experts,
we have an evening networking opportunity, 
a Travel Quiz and a raffle with prizes to be won!

For a full list of what to expect on day and how to get involved, click here. 

See you there! 


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