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Published on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shock Trump victory set to deter UK visitors, says poll

Visit USA stand at WTM at 11am on Wednesday morning

US tourism is set to see a drop-off in UK visitors following the shock election result today, says a survey.

A Travelzoo poll undertaken before Donald Trump's victory found 31% of Brits said they would reconsider travel to the US following a Trump win, while 20% said they would definitely not go on holiday there.

Travelzoo is predicting an unstable 2017 for US tourism, and a boost for Canadian tourism.

It is also concerned about the impact on incoming tourism from the US.

"In terms of direct impact for British holidaymakers, most market commentators have been predicting a slump in the dollar - and even before Trump's victory was confirmed, the value of the dollar was in free-fall across the global market," said Joel Brandon-Bravo, Travelzoo's UK managing director.

"We see this as a double edged sword for the UK economy; while on the one hand a continued slump may negate the impact of the pounds devaluation post Brexit, it may also deter US travellers from visiting the UK, something the industry here will need to address."

One agent on the Facebook travel industry page Travel Gossip said clients have already told her they will be boycotting the US.

"I have at least two clients so far that won't go to America now he's in. The positive for us is that it will make the Caribbean and anywhere else based on the dollar better value for a while but God help America, they will need it," she said.

Andrew Shelton, managing director of global flight search and travel deals website, said it was too early to say what the long term effect on travel to the US will be.

"Since campaigning started in earnest, we've seen a steady decline in preference for it as a destination, which reached 52% in the final week, compared to earlier this year.

"We know that the USA is perennially the most popular long haul destination for British holidaymakers, with New York being the most searched-for city in the world, but the reality of a Trump White House may drive further uncertainty. It could mean Brits delay booking their stateside holidays until the dust settles or even consider switching to an alternative destination, such as Canada.

"Overnight, searches for one-way flights from the US to Canada increased by 133% compared to a month ago.  

"Last year, the UK welcomed US tourists who spent £3 billion and whilst we're confident that Brits will continue to want to visit the USA, what the 'Trump Effect' could mean for American tourists - faced with potential currency uncertainty and increased border controls at home - remains to be seen."

Meanwhile, the latest poll by TravelMole also shows concern among UK travel trade professionals.

The poll asked: Do you think a Trump presidential victory would be bad for the travel industry?

It found 58% agreed it would be bad, but the figure was lower among US travel trade professionals at 52%.

No sign of celebrations at the Trump Hotels WTM stand

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  • Trump victory

    Some arguments are correct about potential decline. as a USA specialist for longer than any UK operator, I have seen a drop in reservations but due mainly to Brexit not Trump. To Mr Shearer...I doubt your knowledge of the USA travel is as great as mine, I worked for and ran the US company that pioneered USA travel from overseas. I recommend you visit my agency in Ascot to discover how knowledgeable our staff are. To Ms Laird: I am not an analyst but a USA travel expert and numbers will decline, by how much is the question. The pound dollar value is the main culprit. To Mr Rose: with 350 transatlantic trips under my belt, I fully concur. To Mr Maclean : I suspect Mr Obama is academically more qualified than yourself. He has done a brilliant job under circumstances, having no control of Congress.

    By Peter Mackness, Wednesday, April 24, 2019

  • Obama a loudmouth

    Mr Mclean, I find little reference to Mr Obama and the word loudmouth, that is rather confined to this Trump person. Let's face it, we cannot criticise Trump too much, he is after all half Scottish and am sure the Scots are pleased about that....NOT. I suspect Trump will not even make the four years, his party will find a way of ousting him.

    By Peter Mackness, Wednesday, April 24, 2019

  • Obama a loudmouth

    Strange how you all leap to defend Obama but nobody has defended Trump or said that my comments about him are 'rude and uncalled for.' I maintain that Obama is/was useless, regardless of what his academic qualification versus mine might be, and I'm certainly not going to get into a willy-waving contest over that. You can 'suspect', Mr Mackness, but I know. It's irrelevant anyway, but I suspect that in a few years' time we will see that Trump was a better president than most people predict. That said, the difference it makes in my life is somewhere between nil and negligible.

    By Allen Maclean, Tuesday, November 22, 2016

  • Who cares?

    A few comments about this not making any difference and how consumers changing their plans won't have any impact. Both nonsense. I am a consumer. I am aghast that this misogynist has come to power. Stopping my travel spend isn't going to change anything, but I never expected it to. Just as I don't use travel agents as their lack of knowledge - and slowness - is so worrying, I won't spend my money where I don't want to. The US is now on that list.

    By W Shearer, Wednesday, November 9, 2016

  • The USA is still the best place to go

    Having been to 107 countries I still find the USA the best country to visit both on business and on holiday. I'm sure those protesting at the vote had no intention of going there regardless of who won. Regardless of your political inclinations the world will still keep revolving and given the many other countries off limits due to terrorism it would appear that ones options are limited!

    By Paul Rose, Wednesday, November 9, 2016

  • Will US Tourism Suffer?

    Another bunch of 'Analysts' ... And they got the latest example wrong BIG TIME! The Brits will visit The States, and The Yanks will come here. The dust will settle, and life will go on.

    By Irene Laird, Wednesday, November 9, 2016

  • Your comments about Obama

    ...are rude and uncalled for, Allen. You might not like what he has achieved - but he certainly tried hard against continual opposition from the Republicans. I very much suspect that one of Trump's first actions will be to dismantle the Affordable Care Act - Obama's noble effort to try to do somethings about the USA'a dreadful healthcare system. And in answer to the main question - I suspect that tourism to the USA will drop off significantly - not least because Trump will do nothing about the USA's crazy gun laws. After all, who wants to get shot?

    By Richard English, Wednesday, November 9, 2016

  • Speechless

    As the comment above, I am speechless that some people would choose not to visit the USA because Trump was elected over Clinton. This will make no difference whatsoever, get over yourselves!

    By Derek Barnes, Wednesday, November 9, 2016

  • Why?

    Until today, they had a charismatic but useless loud-mouthed dark-skinned socialist half-wit in the White House. From now, they will have a fair-skinned right wing loud-mouthed bigot whose mouth works faster than his brain. I fail to see what difference it will make. It certainly has no impact on my desire, or lack of desire, to visit the USA. Difference : Zero.

    By Allen Maclean, Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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