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Published on Monday, April 30, 2007

Emirates brings back the class

After my recent, not-so-glowing shout about flight attendants, I’m glad to report there are still airlines that understand how important it is to not only look the part but really be the part.T

There’s always something intriguing and actually something glamourous about a group of flight attendants parading through an airport terminal bound for their flight, but none more so than a group of Emirates flight attendants.

Impeccably dressed and impossibly beautiful - every one, (geez, even the blokes look okay) they epitomise glamour, style and professionalism.

First, there is their uniform – as unmistakably airline as it is middle eastern...... the sheer beige scarf which drapes from the women’s red pillbox hat and wraps nonchalantly over their shoulders adds that certain chic quality that is often missing in modern-day airline clobber.

“I love my hat, it’s the best bit about my uniform. It makes me feel special," says Trish, an Emirates flight attendant from Stawell in Victoria.

Nikki Lauda has a lot to answer for by dressing his flight attendants in denim jeans and casual tops but Emirates has gone out of its way to restore the balance. 

It’s almost as though the garb worn by Emirates is a statement of anachronism and I’m sure none of them would dress in anything like that on weekends, but this is not weekend dress, it’s business, and while first and foremost flight attendants, they are definitely in the business of glamour.

Their passage through the airport is reminiscent of the closing scene of Casablanca................even without Bogart and Claude Raines, for me, it could be “the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.

Their dress gives them licence to exude a sense of class and certain confidence, which they do with ease and while the passengers stand in line to check in for their flight, their heads swivel as the flight attendants pass, each passenger looking at them and nodding, knowing that these well dressed people will be their carers for the next 14 hours.

Everyone’s happy and already the flight attendants are doing their job even though they haven’t even stepped on the aircraft – they’re the unofficial PR machine for the airline.

The aroma of a good Italian coffee being prepared whets the appetite and evokes an anticipation of a rich and true taste experience and the appearance of the men and women of an Emirates cabin crew has the same effect. 

Often with the coffee experience, the actual taste can be a disappointment, but not in the cabin of an Emirates aircraft, with everything the flight attendants appeared to be when they brushed past me in the airport terminal everything they actually were on board.

It wasn’t  just a show, a parade or fashion fest – their in-flight performance proved that to be a real flight attendant you have to look like a real flight attendant.

And guys, you certainly do.

A Report by Kevin Molney, international travel writer and Travel Mole correspondant - on his way to Ireland on Emirates!


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