Published on Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BA counters negative T5 image with ad campaign

British Airways will launch a campaign to promote Terminal 5 today in a bid to counter the negative image it has carried since its chaotic opening in March.

The “Terminal 5 is working” campaign will photograph real people using the terminal and feature them in media adverts the next day.

The reportage style shoots will focus on the customer experience and show how the terminal is working through markers such as time it takes to get through security, flight punctuality, baggage arrival times and journeys through the terminal.

The 38-day campaign will appear across all media channels.

British Airways’ general manager for marketing communications Katherine Whitton, said: “This campaign isn’t about making big promises. The terminal has now been open for 131 days, more than six million people have travelled through it and it has been performing very well for some time. We are letting it speak for itself and reflecting genuine customer experiences on the aspects of the journey that research tells us are most important to them.”

By Dinah Hatch


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    Having now seen the T5/BA campaign on UK television, I can promise you if BA lent me a digibeta camera for a day, I could have come up with something that does not resemble a film school first year short. Clearly little or no money has been spent on the commercial or the acting talent....Dire is not the word! I applaude the pre-release hype however...

    By JULIAN BRAY MCIPR, NUJ, MMC, Equity member, Monday, August 11, 2008

  • Furthermore, BA held minimal 'test runs' for staff, and the results have been evident since T5's opening.

    a)4 months after the terminal opened - I'm not sure that it is evident that BA held minimal 'test runs'. b)"We still have a large number of flights to transfer over from T4 which due to their nature will cause mayhem in T5" - what is so special about these flights? c) I think some people get confused with BA and BAA!!!!

    By david crowhurst, Monday, August 11, 2008

  • BA Terminal 5 - the reality

    When we stop a moment from the all too often habit of 'flag carrier bashing' and look at the fact, BAA and British Airways have a wonderful new facility that works beautifully, is efficient, comfortable and a pleasure to use; allows the simplest direct high speed connection to central London, and all in all, is a facility that everyone can be proud of. I use T5 regularly, and I live it !

    By Colin Shaw, Wednesday, August 6, 2008

  • Terminal 5

    I arrived at Terminal 5 on Monday, and the luggage collection was very fast. However, signage to Heathrow Express is dire. It's a lovely airport, but getting directions to the station is such a basic thing, you wonder how they missed it.

    By W Shearer, Wednesday, August 6, 2008

  • However it is still Not At Full Capacity

    It is all very well having this campaign, however T5 is still not at full operational capacity! We still have a large number of flights to transfer over from T4 which due to their nature will cause mayhem in T5......lets see if the figures they are promoting now will be the same when the move from T4 takes place in a few weeks time.

    By Bob Motto, Wednesday, August 6, 2008

  • How can positive PR be criticised?

    Yet again BA gets it in the neck for doing what we are all trying to do....promote our products and arrange positive marketing messages. How many more times do they have to apologise for the original shortcomings of the T5 opening, and why should they continue to take all the flak? Airports are all under pressure these days to maintain their services under the mass market and low frills invasion. The travel industry should be less critical, more constructive and work harder together to promote a positive image.

    By andrew brownrigg, Wednesday, August 6, 2008

  • Mission Impossible: T5 AND BA White Wash

    The biggest problems with T5 lies with its major tenant and the fact it is located at Heathrow. As the earlier poster noted, BA isn't best known for its staff being courteous to passengers. Furthermore, BA held minimal 'test runs' for staff, and the results have been evident since T5's opening. Another recent air terminal inauguration occurred in BeiJing and prior to its opening there were numerous dry runs with both staff alone and with numerous passengers, many of whom were not familiar with airports. The opening days of T5 and BeiJing were light years apart - Beijing was a smooth operation whilst T5 was a fiasco that not only highlighted its, and BA's, shortcomings. It also reminded peoples characterisation of the English habit of 'muddling through' problems and another reason for avoiding LHR. Another black eye for Britain. Of course, the whole concept of placing T5 at LHR rather than further out at a satellite airport such as Stanstead or Luton coupled with a high-speed rail link to LHR and London, as in Shanghai, is another misstep. When will BA and the UK government learn that this monster airport located within residential areas of the capital is an outdated model?

    By Jon Hewson, Wednesday, August 6, 2008

  • I will be there on Aug 29th so we will see!

    I am arriving on BA from Phoenix, AZ on August 29th and have to admit to a feeling of concern about having to go through T5 for the first time. I am a very experienced traveler, I was born in London and travel back and forth one or twice per year.

    By Steve Langley, Wednesday, August 6, 2008

  • T5

    I think you'll find BA did say they were sorry !!! Didn't you watch the news ! The ad campaign is to show that T5 is working as it should be now !

    By Tim Kenworthy, Wednesday, August 6, 2008

  • T5 IS working

    I have been through T5 three times so far and all times it has worked really well. The last time was Friday 1 Aug. Parked on stand at 1945 off a CDG flight and I was on the 2015 RailAir bus to Woking and that included collecting my luggage and having a tiddle. I just can't fault it. Baggage delivery is stunningly fast.

    By robin woods, Tuesday, August 5, 2008

  • Pity they didn't film me

    I recently transited T5/T4 and then T4/T5. On my first arrival at T5 I followed the signs for flight connections. The sign for transfers to T1/2/3/4 mysteriously had it's arrow covered over, leaving no clue where to go. I found a BAA person, one of 10s standing around, and asked where to go, and why the arrow was covered over. He said he had no clue, but suggested I take that escalator 'over there'. Well it was the right escalator, which I discovered when it dumped me in the middle of the queue waiting for the bus. On my return we queued for 35 mins at T4 for a bus to T5. Found Fast Track to be slower than the normal queues and had the pleasure to be yelled at by BAA employee when I 'rescued' my tray. There was no need to be rude, and if so many of us make that mistake shouldn't they fix it? Can't say I got lost looking for my gate, but the signage is very poor.

    By Tom Bowlie, Tuesday, August 5, 2008

  • Deja Vu, saw this one coming...

    The "Terminal 5 is working" campaign will photograph real people using the terminal and feature them in media adverts the next day. Oh dear, what a shame BA's marketing people (all probably under 25, second they say) have short memories or even shorter experience. Saatchi (onetime BA'S Ad Agency) came up with a political ad. the headline: LABOUR ISN'T WORKING It showed a long long line of real people vanishing into the distance towards an exit... Perhaps the Spanish can come up with something more original? Probably all the lost luggage from Terminal Five which BA has been trucking to Madrid, Spain for sorting and hopefully an eventual return to the hapless (possibly trouserless) BA customer.. At one time airline advertising used to be fun. British Airways had through ad agency FCB: "Fly the Flag" so Qantas came up with an alternative "Flog the Flock" .... come on BA put some creative thinking behind the advertising not simply a justification for something that will never work... ( TV reports just last week that there are STILL problems at T5!)

    By JULIAN BRAY MCIPR, Tuesday, August 5, 2008

  • BA all you had to say was Sorry

    BA counters negative T5 image with ad campaign. All BA had to say is 'Sorry' & put their hands up, we got it wrong at T5, they would have got much more respect from their customers & public

    By HARRY CICHY, Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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