Published on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 revolutionises the online accommodation industry

13 years after the first online hotel booking was made, a new technology named promises to bring about the long awaited second revolution into the online booking market.

Stuart Udy, Vice President Marketing said, "The biggest problem with online selling, is access to available rooms, the hotel revolutionises the way inventory is accessed by Resellers by making it automatic."  "That’s what computers are supposed to do."  "A property can load available inventory for their online partners and not touch it again for a year or more if they like."

" is offering a solution to a travel industry where online bookings are growing exponentially, year after year, potentially reaching 40 percent in 2008."

" is totally new technology which manages the inventory for hoteliers and online resellers."  "It means the end to the daily panic and drudgery of updating rooms and giving extra commission."  "It’s a true revolution for both the hotelier and the reseller."

Mr Udy said, “We are offering a real solution to half-baked screen scrapers which are rife with overselling and technical problems."  " is a win-win for properties and resellers alike and will change the standards of managing inventory for the industry as a whole.”

" have invested substantially incorporating worldwide Patents on this revolutionary technology to ensure its position can not be surpassed."

"For the online resellers, will make it far easier to sell inventory from existing properties and also attract new properties because the properties no longer need to manually manage their inventory."  "This will increase their profitability without passing on any additional costs on to the end consumer or guest."  "Because the number of available rooms is constantly replenished, they have real-time access to what is available.

"For accommodation providers, the new technology saves staff up to half a day’s work every day and when used to its full potential, will turn a daily chore into a once per year update by channelling everything through the one intelligent management system, forfeiting the need to update their available rooms over the ever-growing number of websites."  "This function also significantly reduces cost; with no additional marketing expenses, commissions or advertising spend necessary."

"Another huge benefit for the hotelier is the list of available accommodation is updated ‘live’ continually, rather than manually once a day by hotel or accommodation staff, and so for the first time ever, there is a guarantee of no overbooking."

Mr Udy, said that this breakthrough technology signifies a serious paradigm shift in the way the online accommodation industry operates, adding, “The market has been growing erratically and opportunistically for years, but there has certainly been no innovation like this."  "The basic function of the technology is to increase productivity from the hotel provider and online side of the market and dramatically reduce their costs, hence consumers will subsequently benefit by getting even more competitive prices for accommodation, with the added confidence in knowing that there is no chance of turning up to an overbooked hotel."  "It is a genuine win-win.”

"In 2008 approximately 40 percent of all hotel bookings worldwide will be generated from the internet."  "This is up from around 33 percent in 2007. "

"Compare this rate to Australia where it was roughly 14 percent in last year."

Mr Udy said that Australian consumers are catching up with the global trend and the ‘broadbrand revolution’ is upon us, so the local market will only grow."

"Australian resellers are poised to become major international players for online accommodation, and their revolutionary innovations will sustain companies with the tools to meet the demand."

“ essentially levels the online accommodation playing field."  "There is a real David and Goliath battle in the market now, with the smaller resellers trying to stay competitive and offer rates similar to the big guys."  "In addition, accommodation providers now market and sell through their own website and we help them with their own website, as well as their online partners."  "Competition is fierce."  "Until now, companies have been working harder but not smarter."

" will change all that forever,” said Mr Udy.

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