Published on Thursday, August 20, 2009

Attraction World criticises agents

Attraction World has criticised agents for not taking the add-ons market seriously enough.

The theme Park and Attraction specialist said that despite the current credit crunch, agents are not taking advantage of the sector.

The operator carried out some independent analysis recently to try and gauge what the lost opportunity was compared to the overall size of the market.

The findings show that on average only 1% of packages outside of Florida have additional products such as attractions or tours added on.

“This analysis was not scientific, we just wanted to get a feel for the situation. The findings were staggering and I’m amazed at the size of the opportunities lost, especially in these tough times when agents really should be working even harder,” said Tony Seaman, sales and marketing director.

“It’s bad enough when times are good, but surely now earning more from every booking is critical – isn’t it? Selling Florida parks is easy and something agents do reasonably well, but what about the rest of the world where the opportunities are huge.”

The operator claimed independents continue to lag well behind and really do not focus on add-ons sales.

“It’s time for agents across the UK to buck up their ideas and see just how huge the opportunities are,” added Seaman.

By Bev Fearis


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  • Online Ticket Prices

    Anyone with an internet connection can buy Florida Attraction tickets online at prices up to 25% cheaper than Attraction World sell them at through agents - and that includes Attraction World's own direct selling website! I just don't think the point of view expressed stacks up. Bit suprised Kenny that you don't take this into account rather than just agreeing. Try looking at Travel Republic for starters which has ppc for most Fl attractions and sells at prices that agents can't even buy at. Show that I am wrong with pleasure? I am on the side of agents.

    By David McGregor, Wednesday, January 8, 2020

  • He's right!

    I have to strongly agree with Tony on this one. since entering the dynamic packaging world some 6 years ago, we were amazed at how few add on's agents actually sell to their clients. Items such as transfers included within a tour op traditional package were simply being overlooked when agents came to make the booking in the dynamic envirnonment. The interesting bit is that from actual consumer bookings completed on-line, consumers purchased loads of add on's and principly transfers. The transfer market at present is hugely buoyant due to the shortage of vehicles in car rental companies, so agents really are missing valuable revenue that the consumers really want!

    By Kenny Picken, Monday, April 8, 2019

  • Just the wrong attitude

    I can appreciate that the internet opens up the world to offers of all sorts and no doubt attraction tickets. We can always get something cheaper if we look hard enough. So the atttraction tickets are cheaper on-line, well then let's just all pack it in and give up! The end is nigh! But that's just an excuse because when I relayed that agents were less likely to sell add ons than the consumer themselves, there was no price differential as its my agent client sites that are selling the add ons to consumers! With this outlook, its little wonder agents don't sell enough add ons. On looking at tonight's bookings, 40% of consumers bought a transfer at the same time............says it all really.

    By Kenny Picken, Monday, April 8, 2019

  • Agent's comments prove my point

    Two things really, firstly we sell over 5,000 products in 42 countries, immediately everyone thinks narrowly to Florida yet it represents less than 14% of most agents business, what about the rest of the world where there is no pricing issue?  Secondly, the reason travel agents prices are higher is that we have to build their commission in. Only Florida is price sensitive and this is driven by specialist direct ticket businesses. Commission is there as a tool for agents to use. Of the available gross margin, we give travel agents 75% to either market themselves, use as a discount tool or take as profit, surprisingly most take as profit then complain that they can't sell.

    By Tony Seaman, Friday, August 28, 2009

  • Not a criticism but an observation

    Both Tony and Kenny have highlighted where some agents are missing a trick on incremental earnings. With no car hire available or very expensive, agents should be looking to offer alternatives such as private or even shuttles transfers. Also for packages a customer may not want a coach but direct transfer to the property. Other area is UK where this can be offered as an alternative to driving and parking. In summary by asking a simple question and offering a service you will be enhancing the customers holiday experience. By prebooking attractions and transfers they can pre budget and have piece of mind - also remember the old saying - if you don't do it someone else will!

    By Chris Oakes, Thursday, August 20, 2009

  • Suppliers should support Agents

    Attraction World's complaint is basically that agents are not selling enough add ons for them in particular.The internet being what it is, people trawl it for the cheapest product they can find,with Attraction World people can buy tickets far cheaper from its sister site 'Attraction Tix' than agents can buy them from Attraction World. If suppliers want agents to support them they should all sing from same hymn sheet!

    By William Clarke, Thursday, August 20, 2009

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