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Published on Friday, January 10, 2020

Travel Gossip sticks to Inteletravel ban

Travel Gossip has decided to stick to its policy of barring Inteletravel agents from joining its Facebook forum despite getting around 50-100 requests a month.

In response, Inteletravel claimed its 'portfolio of suppliers' now refrain from reading Travel Gossip because of the 'venomous comments' being made.

The issue came to light again yesterday when Travel Gossip administrator and owner Bruce Martin tested the water with members by sharing a recent request from an Inteletravel agent asking if the ban would be lifted.

The Inteletravel agent had written to Martin saying: "I am really working hard, not to recruit (I do not do that part of the business) but training as a travel agent. I see that some of our preferred partners are included in your group and I was also interested in your roadshow, however, I am wondering if I would be welcome here also?"

Martin stressed to members that he has no plans to change the group's policy, but said he was finding it increasingly hard to reject 'good' Inteletravel agents who are keen to learn and get on in travel 'especially when I'm letting in brand new agents from other consortia'.

Agents were quick to respond, with the majority urging Martin to stick to a complete ban.

"It's the company ethics that you are declining, not these individuals," said one agent, who added: "And to be honest, I don't think it will do her any good to see the level of hatred shared on this page for them."

Another agent posted: "It's a tough call whichever way you choose to go. There are some good people at Inteletravel, selling plenty of travel, despite being hampered by a lack of suppliers. There are, sadly, far more only interested in building their pyramids to build another residual income alongside their juice plus / slimming coffee / Avon 'careers'."

Some agents said Martin should advise the Inteletravel agent to join another 'reputable' consortium.

But a few said perhaps it was time to end the ban.

"I think that if there are some genuinely trying to start a new career and may have been on hard time and IT (Inteletravel) was their best route to market. I've never agreed with it but if there are ground rules around asking for quotes and asking stupid questions and if there is no commercial motif behind it why not let them in?" said one.

Another added: "Maybe, the odd one that approaches showing the same level of dedication and knowledge wouldn't be a bad call to let in. All the time there are operators allowing them to trade, they will trade alongside us."

When contacted by TravelMole, a spokeswoman for Inteletravel said: "If a travel agent is polite and courteous, takes the time to consult and wants to increase her product knowledge, it's disappointing that Travel Gossip is unable to accept that our industry is changing; change is a good thing and by accepting this agent it demonstrates is view of the bigger picture.

"Our portfolio of suppliers is satisfied with the revenues earned and most have now refrained from reading Travel Gossip as a result of the venomous comments. "

Members of the US homeworking giant had been barred from joining the social media group despite gaining ABTA membership last March.

At that time, Travel Gossip members voted seven to one in favour of the ban, with some saying they felt inexperienced Inteletravel homeworkers would mine the group for valuable information.

At the time, Martin said he would like to review the ban 'once the dust has settled and the ABTA membership has been in place for a longer period'.

He told TravelMole today that the ban will continue.


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  • Never been allowed in Travel Agent rants and Raves

    Inteletravel have never been allowed in Travel Agent Rants and Raves, we vet everyone very carefully and they have tried all sorts of different ways to get into our group, but fortunately we have been very vigilant as soon as they started infiltrating and disrespecting our industry, shame ABTA did not see through their lies and deceit.

    By JENNY JACKSON, Friday, January 10, 2020

  • Good!

    Excellent news! No one wants them clogging the page with ridiculous questions, if they want to train as a proper travel agent then they should join a proper travel agency not some hokey pokey MLM bunch of cowboys! They and their lack of knowledge are not wanted.

    By James Marchant, Friday, January 10, 2020

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