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Published on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

We need a moonshot initiative says Lipman

But there is a massive elephant in the fuselage says Geoffrey Lipman

In an excellent article Dirty based on Susanne Becken's Amadeus research, there is one massive elephant in the fusilage... An industry stated ambition to reduce Carbon pollution to half 2005 levels by 2050.

Hopelessly out of touch with the Paris Agreement global goals and the UNFCCC Climate Neutral by 2050 Plan (Net zero carbon) that industry except for aviation is targeting.

The aviation sector has a fossil fuel propulsion habit it says it can't kick because there will never be enough amounts of safe synthetic pollution free aviation Fuel at fossil fuel prices.

This is claptrap with thirty years of R&D for the biggest subsidised sectors on the planet - aviation and fossil energy to deal with. Even today oil companies are still spending billions every year on new field exploration - hunting for technically stranded assets (which is conceptually like cigarette companies expanding tobacco production while labelling their products as killers).

It's not that alternative synthetic or bio fuels don't exist - there have already been more than 200,000 flights with successfully blended traditional and new climate economy fuel. Its because these giant sectors of the economy say they can't scale it up at the same price as fossil fuel over the next 30 years. What a load of codswallop.

Climate Change is existential - say it again - existential - it will kill our grandkids. So, finding, deploying and using a non polluting fuel must be a condition of operating. Just as much as air afety and security.

We need a "Moonshot" initiative here (like John Kennedy did to put a man on the moon) led by fossil fuel companies and Airlines and Aircraft Manufacturers. The goal find a green house gas free propulsion by 2050 - ideally by 2030. The price of success continuing "Climate Friendly Travel" The price of failure "flying extinction"

Geoffrey Lipman President of SUNx Malta - committed to Climate Friendly Travel

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Valere Tjolle

Valere is CEO of Best of Romagna and author of 'You Lucky People' the story of travel - the world's most delightful and devastating industry. Find out more about it HERE

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