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AIDA Cruises: 2025 Summer season now bookable

Thursday, Oct 05, 2023 0


October 5, 2023 marks the start of bookings for the AIDA summer season 2025. With the new program and a choice of around 500 departure dates, the cruise line has just the right offer in store for a variety of travel trends.


Travel trend number 1: Getting away from it all


Many travelers want a travel experience that will catapult them completely out of the ordinary. What could be better than exploring an exotic faraway destination on a cruise? AIDA has a real highlight in its program for this category for summer 2025, namely: JAPAN! During the cherry blossom season in spring 2025, fascinating routes will take you to the Land of Smiles. For example, on the 15-day “Great Japan Round Voyages” with AIDAstella or on cruises that combine destinations in China, Japan and South Korea or Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong. These special voyages can also be combined with the matching Trans Asia and Trans Suez voyages to create a “globetrotter’s cruise” of up to 52 days. Of particular interest for the personal bucket list are the ports that AIDA will be calling at for the first time on the new itineraries: Seoul/Incheon, Jeju, Busan, Hiroshima, Aburatsu, Kagoshima, Kyōto/Kobe, Mount Fuji/Shimizu, Tokyo/Yokohama, Kanazawa, Niigata, Akita, Hakodate, Miyako-Iwate and Amami Oshima.


Travel trend number 2: Easy to get to, easy to enjoy


The trend toward travel starting at one’s own doorstep continues unabated. In the summer of 2025, no fewer than eight AIDA ships will set sail from German ports on voyages to Northern Europe. A total of 290 cruises will be available from Hamburg, Kiel and Warnemünde between April and October 2025.
How about a Baltic Sea cruise from Warnemünde, for example? The treasures of the Baltic States can be explored on numerous cruises that take you to Stockholm, Riga, Klaipeda or Gdansk, for example.
Or how about the “Scottish Highlights” tour, which departs from Hamburg to Newcastle, Edinburgh and the Orkney Islands?


Travel trend number 3: Off the beaten track


Megacities are great, but smaller destinations also have their appeal. Places that are still relatively undiscovered and off the beaten track are especially in vouge. How about Brønnøysund, for example? AIDAbella is calling at this new Norwegian destination for the first time – on her voyages to the Northern Lights in fall or to the Lofoten Islands. Or Kemi? The Finnish port city is located on the Gulf of Bothnia and, with the Perämeri National Park, offers not only great nature but also countless outdoor activities. Kemi is one of the cities visited on AIDAmar’s “Archipelago of the Baltic Sea” voyage.


A look to the south also offers potential for explorers: AIDAstella sets sail from Corfu to the Adriatic Sea and Greece – including Koper in Slovenia. In addition to dream beaches, there is also plenty of culture to be discovered. For example, the magnificent Gothic Praetorian Palace is located in the center of the medieval old town. Another new AIDA port on this itinerary is Korčula. Ever heard of it? Korčula is one of the most diverse and beautiful islands in Croatia with plenty of opportunities for hiking and swimming.


Travel trend number 4: Busy diary, but always finding time to get away


A travel trend is and remains – travel! Even those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands still want to take a break from time to time. The extensive range of short trips with 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-day cruises is the solution: With AIDAmar from Warnemünde, you can easily visit destinations such as Gotland or Bornholm, as well as capitals such as Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. For AIDAperla it goes from Hamburg to Stavanger and Eidfjord and with AIDAluna for example to Gothenburg, Kristiansand, Arhus, Oslo and Copenhagen. Who wouldn’t want to pack their suitcase for a short trip?


Travel trend number 5: Sunbathing is out, forest bathing is in!


Wildlife watching and hiking are among the top travel activities. AIDA cruises in the summer of 2025 will once again offer numerous opportunities for this.
A cruise through the fjord landscapes of Norway, through the archipelago of the Baltic Sea or further west around the British Isles promises one thing above all: impressive natural spectacles.


The Geirangerfjord is certainly one of the most popular destinations. It never fails to enchant visitors with its mystical atmosphere again and again. The fjord winds its way inland past forests, cliffs, rushing waterfalls and snow-capped mountain peaks. The estuary was even named a World Heritage Site in 2005.


For those who are drawn even farther north, there are trips to the North Cape, Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard. One of the many highlights of a trip to Norway is a detour to the Lofoten Islands. This Norwegian archipelago rises like a cliff out of the sea. The islands are located 100 to 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle at the top of Norway. If you only think of ice and snow, the Lofoten Islands will surprise you: Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate here is relatively mild. The coastline is characterized by impressive mountain scenery, interspersed with countless fjords and even white sandy beaches.


Svalbard is one of the northernmost destinations in the world, with a rugged landscape of glaciers, mountains and fjords. Polar bears, reindeer and foxes live here in their natural environment.


Travel trend number 6: Me Vacation!


Mindfulness and personal growth are also top trends when it comes to traveling. On an AIDA cruise, this “me” vacation can be combined with exercise classes, yoga sessions or spa treatments. Another way to find yourself is through pilgrimage. A visit to Santiago de Compostela – the end point on the Camino de Santiago – is an absolute must. AIDAsol calls at the nearby port city of A Coruña on its “English Channel & Bay of Biscay” voyages. Parts of the Camino de Santiago can also be walked on the stops in Bilbao and Gijón, as well as the new AIDA port of Bordeaux. Vacation – here I come!


Travel trend number 7: A trip to the stars


Apparently, space exploration is one of the top travel desires of the future. Who doesn’t dream of being up close to the stars one day? It only takes a little imagination to make this dream come true – even on an AIDA cruise! For example, it is well worth visiting the famous Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which houses the world’s seventh-largest telescope, a Camera Obscura and an exciting gallery dedicated to modern astronomy. Visitors can also try their hand at being an astronomer, lead a space mission and touch a meteorite that is more than 4.5 billion years old. All of this can be experienced on the “Metropolises from Hamburg” route of the AIDAperla from April to October 2025.


In the night, the stars on the vast ocean seemingly draw nearer. Every summer, the Perseids can be seen on a clear night. In 2025, the shooting stars will appear between July 17 and August 24 in the western Mediterranean, for example, where AIDAcosma and AIDAstella will explore Mediterranean highlights on voyages from Mallorca or Barcelona.


The chance to see the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, will be offered on the cruises of AIDAbella in the fall of 2025 from Kiel. The 14-day voyages will take passengers to destinations including Leknes and Bodø, Trondheim or Stavanger, and Tromsø.


Travel trend number 8: Book smart, secure early booking benefits


When booking at the AIDA PREMIUM rate, you can save up to 375 euros early booking plus discount for summer departures in 2025 if you book by October 31, 2024. On the globetrotter itineraries, the discount is even up to 1,050 euros. The contingent is limited and applies to the 1st and 2nd person in the cabin. Other benefits of the AIDA PREMIUM rate include the choice of the cabin of your choice as well as two bottles of mineral water and a 250 MB Internet package on board every day.


The voyages can also be booked at the AIDA PREMIUM All INCLUSIVE rate. In addition to the services included in the PEMIUM rate, it includes the most extensive AIDA beverage package for the entire voyage.


AIDA voyages for the 2025 summer season can be booked starting October 5, 2023, at travel agencies, at the AIDA Customer Center by calling 0381/202 707 07 or at

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