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Air Transat research reveals Britons’ perceptions of Canada

Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023 0


Leading Canadian airline Air Transat, voted World’s Best Leisure Airline by Skytrax, has unveiled the results of a survey which uncovers intriguing insights into Britons’ perceptions of Canada’s most notable exports, ranging from revolutionary inventions to iconic personalities.


The research has been conducted as part of a brand evolution being launched by Air Transat this autumn, with a new strapline “Where Open Minds Fly”. This is designed to engage the more open-minded travellers that have always been attracted to Canada, such as those looking for sensory experiences including art, music, stunning natural beauty and outdoor adventure.


The survey was conducted among 2,000 UK adults last month, and sought to discern their knowledge gaps about Canada. The research indicates that Canada has made a significant impact on the global stage, producing a diverse array of contributions over various fields.


Britons highlighted insulin as the greatest Canadian export, the ground-breaking innovation which has transformed the treatment of diabetes, with the life-saving pacemaker close behind. Maple syrup, ranked in third, while peanut butter and alkaline batteries closed out the top five, demonstrating Canada’s diverse impact on daily life.


The survey also revealed that many Britons hold Canadian celebrities in high esteem, with notable figures such as actors Ryan Reynolds and Keanu Reeves, musician Bryan Adams, and iconic songstress Celine Dion garnering much admiration among respondents and highlighting the international appeal of Canadian talent.


However, the research illuminated some misconceptions among the British public. More than a fifth (22%) incorrectly identified Toronto, rather than Ottawa, as the capital of Canada, while nearly half (48%) believed that both Jim Carrey and Pamela Anderson were American.


Sonia Kurek, Commercial Director for Air Transat UK, said: “Canada has made many remarkable and significant contributions to the world in which we live, and our research has revealed many insights which will help Air Transat engage more effectively with British travellers going forward.”


Canada’s natural beauty emerged as a standout feature of the nation, with 62% of respondents considering it the country’s most exceptional attribute. The breath-taking scenery, labelled as ‘world-leading’ by 76% of respondents, is complemented by the country’s diverse wildlife (42%), friendly people (23%), and a wide array of outdoor activities (26%).


While a significant proportion of respondents recognised iconic Canadian landmarks such as Niagara Falls, the survey exposed gaps in knowledge of other Canadian treasures, such as Alberta’s Banff National Park and the Cabot Trail.


Nearly half of respondents (48%) who had not yet visited Canada expressed a desire to do so, while over a quarter (26%) said making a trip to Canada was on their bucket list, placing it in the top three countries in the world. A third (33%) of those who want to go were planning an outdoor camping break in the world-leading scenery, while 26% were thinking of taking a road trip and a fifth (21%) considering a city break.


Kurek added: “Canada is the ultimate destination for those seeking new adventures. We understand that post-pandemic travel, especially on long-haul journeys, can be a daunting prospect for some, which is why Air Transat remains committed to providing a wide choice of direct flights from the UK to Canada, complete with inflight entertainment and meal service included.”

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