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Ethiopian Airlines’ Vision 2035 and Sustainable Aviation Commitments Unveiled

Friday, Dec 01, 2023 0


In a recent interview on YouTube, Lemma Yadecha, Chief Commercial Officer of Ethiopian Airlines, provided insights into the airline’s ambitious Vision 2035 and its commitment to sustainable aviation practices. The interview covered various aspects, from the airline’s strategic goals to its initiatives for a greener future.


Vision 2035: A Journey to the Top 20 Aviation Groups


Yadecha began by delving into the airline’s long-term vision, outlining the meticulous planning that has characterized Ethiopian Airlines’ trajectory. The journey started in 2005 with a five-year plan that aimed to be implemented by 2010. The success of this plan paved the way for Vision 2025, a 15-year strategic plan that was achieved ahead of schedule, setting the stage for the current Vision 2035.


The overarching goal of Vision 2035 is to position Ethiopian Airlines among the top 20 aviation groups globally. Yadecha shared the audacious targets set for the company by 2035, including reaching an annual revenue of $25 billion, handling 1.3 million tons of cargo, and serving 67 million passengers across 207 international destinations. Crucially, this involves acquiring 272 aircraft with an age between five and seven years, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a young and efficient fleet.


Sustainability as a Pillar of Strategy: Commitment to a Greener Future


In the evolving landscape of global business, sustainability has become a paramount consideration. Yadecha emphasized that Ethiopian Airlines has recognized the significance of sustainability by incorporating it as one of the pillars of its strategic framework. This commitment is not merely a nod to environmental concerns but a comprehensive strategy to contribute positively to the global climate sustainability efforts.


One notable aspect of the sustainability drive is the introduction of more fuel-efficient aircraft. Yadecha highlighted the Airbus A350-900, stating that it is 20% more fuel-efficient than its predecessors. This efficiency directly translates into a 20% reduction in fuel consumption, a crucial factor in decreasing carbon emissions. As part of their commitment to achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050, the airline is proactively adopting technologies that align with this vision.


Ethiopian Airlines is not stopping at more fuel-efficient planes; it’s actively exploring sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) solutions. Yadecha shared that the airline has collaborated with the government of Ethiopia to develop a strategy for incorporating 3% blended fuel by 2035. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the broader industry goal of reducing the carbon footprint of aviation.


To underscore their dedication to sustainable practices, Yadecha mentioned that the last delivery of their aircraft from Airbus was flown to Addis Ababa with sustainable aviation fuel service. This move not only demonstrates their commitment to sustainable practices but also serves as an example for the industry at large.


Empowering Travel Agents for Collaborative Success


Shifting gears, the interview touched upon the crucial role travel agents play in Ethiopian Airlines’ operations. Yadecha expressed the airline’s desire to focus on its core business of transporting passengers, leaving the groundwork to travel agents. The airline aims to empower travel agents by providing them with enhanced access, better data sources, and rich content.


Despite recognizing the challenges posed by fraudulent activities online, Yadecha assured that Ethiopian Airlines is actively working on addressing these issues. The emphasis is on collaboration, education, and empowerment. The goal is to enable travel agents to function more efficiently and provide better services to end-users.


In the United Kingdom, where Ethiopian Airlines has a substantial following of travel agents, the strategic plan involves giving more empowerment to these agents. Yadecha outlined plans to provide them with better access, education, and rich content related to Ethiopian Airlines’ services. By doing so, the airline aims to facilitate travel agents in delivering superior value for money services to their customers.


Conclusion: A Visionary Journey with a Green Footprint


As Ethiopian Airlines celebrates its visionary journey on its 1-year birthday, the interview with Lemma Yadecha offers a glimpse into the airline’s strategic foresight. Vision 2035 is not merely a set of ambitious targets; it represents a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and a greener future for aviation.


The airline’s focus on a young and efficient fleet, sustainable aviation practices, and collaborative efforts with travel agents positions Ethiopian Airlines as a leading force in the aviation industry. As they continue to soar to new heights, it is evident that Ethiopian Airlines is not just envisioning the future of air travel but actively shaping it with a commitment to sustainability and strategic excellence.

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