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Sweden calls you to her mythical forest from a nearby tree

Tuesday, Apr 25, 2023 0


Settle down against the trunk of a nearby tree in your local woods and join Sweden as she reads you her own chilling story, inviting you to discover her myth-filled forest in a spellbinding audio story, now available to listen to for free, globally. The short story – KILN – is written by internationally bestselling author John Ajvide Lindqvist; a story of a different nature…


Listen to the audio story:  https://open.spotify.com/show/7blZNz1CjxcsKOCWp4fI9q?si=75264958896841bc&nd=1


Geo-location unlocked


The geo-location lock of this thrilling story has been removed just in time for Sweden´s Walpurgis Night – the night of the bonfire. Now, immerse yourself in Sweden´s enchanted nature, a foretaste ahead of your next journey to her forests, lakes, rivers and valleys – her soul. To heighten the thrills, there´s also an exciting teaser trailer.


Ajvide Lindqvist’s audio story Kiln brings the mythic Swedish nature to life, inviting listeners to walk in the footsteps of a character who encounters the enchanting huldra, a forest nymph from Swedish folklore, just one of the many magical characters that are so much a part of Swedish culture.


Walpurgis Night is held on the last day of April. It is traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits, but now a festive way of getting rid of excess gardening waste. Walpurgis is celebrated all over Sweden, most often with people gathering at local parks.


Top spots to experience Sweden´s myth-filled, protected nature


In Sweden, the mysterious places that tell of her history and culture are entirely free and accessible to everyone thanks to Freedom to Roam, Sweden´s sustainable way of accessing nature. Come, be spellbound by the places and experience where fairy tales, culture, and nature meet across Sweden.


Åsnen National Park – Småland


Åsnen National Park, with its unspoiled nature and forests, lakes and wetlands, is steeped in mythological tales. Enter via the park’s ‘Trollberget’ (Troll Mountain) entrance and explore the rocks and boulders where trolls are said to celebrate Christmas. Legend has it that there’s a hidden chamber full of gold and silver – though it’s yet to be found.


Press Images: https://imagebank.sweden.se/my-selections/3dyhdieojb


Tresticklan National Park – West Sweden


Stretching between the lake of Stora Le and the Norwegian border, Tresticklan in Dalsland is steeped in Viking mythology and boasts the largest roadless, uninhabited pine forest region in southern Sweden. You can walk for days through uninterrupted wilderness, passing crystal-clear lakes and epic scenery. And with its dramatically high mountain ridges, it’s no surprise that a giant named Bore is said to have lived in the caves at ‘Bore Kulle’ (Bore’s hill).


Press images: https://vastsverige.imagevault.se/myselection/index/zeemeh8cho


Tyresta National Park – Sörmland


Even though it’s only 45 minutes by bus from central Stockholm, Tyresta National Park is a world away. Southern Sweden’s largest old-growth forest, Tyresta is fit for a fairytale, complete with thick, knotty pines, moss-covered landscapes, and Stockholm’s scenic archipelago. Legend has it that a flame-bearing character called ‘Lyktgubben’ haunts Tyresta’s darkest enclaves, attempting to lead visitors astray.


Kittelfältet Nature Reserve – Värmland


Location of the filming of Kiln´s video trailer, Kittelfältet’s unique topography goes back to the Ice Age, with water-filled potholes left by receding glaciers. Walk the one-kilometre-long ‘Dödisgropar’ loop that passes Sundstjärn, the largest of these glacial relics. Surrounded by old-growth pine trees, Sundstjärn’s turquoise waters cast a magical sheen on the whole landscape. Part of the EU’s Natura 2000 protected areas, Kittelfältet boasts several hiking trails for all experience levels.


Press image: https://contentbank.visitsweden.com/selection/985cc8a913345dd5777c26bd31dd692d/detail/vs/20883


Östergötland – Their mysterious beings tell their stories – Southern Sweden


Östergötland has to be experienced. But rather than you taking our word for it, we will hand over to those better suited to the job. Let us introduce our mystical beings who will describe in their own words their experiences of some special places in Östergötland – the Stone troll in Kolmården forest – Little Grey at Öna the Tomte – Fairies at Drabbisdal and the Mermaid in Lake Vättern.

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