is Taking On the Hotel Booking Industry, One Low Rate at a Time

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The free-to-join, members-only travel club is helping users save up to 30% more than they would by using an industry-leading site like, Priceline, or Expedia – the free-to-join, members-only travel club on a mission to help its users save substantially when booking their hotels – is proud to be taking on the hotel booking industry, one low rate at a time.


Valued at nearly $1 trillion, the online travel booking market is larger than ever before. Yet, nearly 90% of the market share is controlled by just two major players: and Expedia. The result? Lower competition and higher prices for consumers.


Until now.


Founded by travel experts and pioneers in the online travel space with more than 150 years of experience between them, is focused on providing hotel bookings at the lowest rates available. At a time when entrenched industry behemoths are obliged to maximize their profits and rewarding their shareholders, has been able to help its members comparatively save between 10-30% from prices at and Expedia. is able to do this by operating almost solely on a word-of-mouth basis. By cutting out advertising costs and working off of low margins as well as high volume, it’s able to pass along  massive savings compared to its competitors, allowing its members to afford to take their dream vacations at a time when travel-related costs are skyrocketing.


“As someone who has worked in the travel booking space for decades, I know firsthand just how much consumers can be offered 10-30% lower prices for hotel bookings,” says Charles Kao, the Founder and CEO of “These established brands are massive Goliaths and have to do maintain high overheads. I started in 1995 to take a different approach.”


He added, “At a time when inflation and rising costs are impacting everyone, by passing along all the savings possible, we hope to continue helping our members have incredible, life-changing experiences.”


To learn more about Travel Secrets or to become a member for free and find amazing hotel deals, click here.


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