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Türkiye’s black sea awaits you

Thursday, Nov 03, 2022 0


Türkiye presents the stunning Black Sea with a brand new promotional campaign. The coast’s natural wonders, ancient landmarks, and delicious cuisine are all revealed in a stylish video. The recent promotional film will position the Black Sea as an attractive destination worthy of a visit to Türkiye.  


On Türkiye’s northern coast, there is a land apart from the rest of the country. Endless lush greens and plateaus standing on top of the clouds characterize the Black Sea region. The vast green land is so unique in so many ways that it will never be forgotten once discovered.


Türkiye released a new promotional film to present the stunning Black Sea to the world. With scenes of the natural riches, ancient landmarks, and tasty meals from the region, the campaign is here to put the Black Sea on the map. Offering an introduction to the distinctive region, the stylish video proves that Türkiye provides much more than a summer getaway.


A Land of Eye-catching Plateaus


The Black Sea is renowned for its eye-catching plateaus. They offer a nature getaway like no other, positioned on top of rolling mountains overlooking the misty clouds. The promotional video presents a brief look into these natural wonders. Rize’s Pokut and Giresun’s Kümbet Plateau appear with all their green glory and charming wooden houses.


Regardless, the Black Sea’s natural offerings are not limited to plateaus. You are presented with a stunning view and a slice of heaven every turn on the northern coast. Fırtına Stream courses through the famed Çamlıhemşin district, creating an idyllic scenery with Mikron Bridge. Artvin’s landslide lake Karagöl is surrounded by all shades of green, perfect for getting lost in nature. Türkiye’s world-renowned heliskiing centre Kaçkar Mountains, stands tall and proud in the video, inviting you to explore its endlessly green forests.


A Cultural Heritage Like No Other


Like other regions of Türkiye, the Black Sea boasts a unique cultural heritage. The promotional video makes the first reference to the coast’s rich culture with its catchy jingle. Mainly composed with kemençe, a traditional tiny three-stringed violin, the beautiful melody will stay with you for many days.


The Black Sea’s ancient structures are also featured in the video. Sümela Monastery, the star sight-seeing attraction in the region, also draws attention here. Founded in the 4th century CE and dedicated to Virgin Mary, the Orthodox monastery attracts visitors all year round. Another impressive sight in the video is the Zilkale of Çamlıhemşin, Rize. Located at 750 meters from the sea level on the western slopes of Fırtına Stream, the fortress is believed to have been built in the 4th century CE, just like Sümela Monastery.


A Glorious Cuisine All of Its Own


Home to deep-rooted cultures and civilizations, Türkiye is the world-renowned centre of delicious dishes. Every region of the country has a unique cuisine, and the Black Sea is no different. The green coastal land is famous for its tea, hazelnuts, “muhlama”, and “pide”, and all of them are featured in the video.


Black Sea’s Rize boasts 60% of the tea plantations in Türkiye. Tea is heavily consumed throughout the country, and Black Sea tea holds a special place in all tea lovers’ hearts.


Muhlama, a famous breakfast speciality of Trabzon, is a delicious slow-cooked slurry with corn flour, butter, and unique cheese. Black Sea’s hazelnuts are famous on another level, though. Türkiye provides 60% of the world’s production of hazelnuts, and the best and most of them are grown in Black Sea’s Ordu. Pide, famous all over the Black Sea and Türkiye, has various regional ingredients. The three districts of Samsun, Bafta, Çarşamba, and Terme have different recipes for the speciality, and needless to say, all of them are delicious.

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