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TravelMole UK Awards 2019 - Final Voting

Best Agency Consortium/
Franchise Group Website

Voting ends November 15th, 2019

Your vote counts! Pick which shortlisted company or government board you feel is the best representation of a given category. Remember, the TravelMole Awards are about the best representation of a category, not the company, regional or national government represented.

- Content -
- Layout -
- Ease of Navigation -
- Innovation -

Please vote only once. The links will deactivate after voting but it is possible to click the link on different browsers, however only one vote per IP address will be counted for the final count.

- Shortlisted Nominees -
Please review each site by clicking on their
URL or logo before casting your vote.


Best Hotel Website
Best Hotel Booking Website
Best Rail Travel Website
Best Cruise Website
Best River Cruise Website
Best Ferry Website
Best Responsible Travel &
Tourism Website
Best Sports Travel
& Tourism Website
Best Tour Operator Website
Best UK Tourist Board Website
Best Overseas Tourist
Board Website
Best Travel Blog
Best Use of Social Media
Best Online Marketing Campaign
Best Travel Deals Website
Best Online Training Website
Best Airline Website
Best Luxury Travel Website
Best Accessible Travel Website
Best Travel Recruitment Website
Best Travel Comparison Website
Best LGBT Travel Website
Best National Travel
Agency Website
Best Agency Consortium/
Franchise Group Website
Best Travel Technology Website
Best Travel Extras Website
Best Ski Travel Website
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