Qantas asks bosses to work as baggage handlers

Monday, Aug 08, 2022 0

Such is the extent of labour shortages at Qantas, bosses have been asked to trade their suits for high-res vests to work as airport ground handlers.

COO Colin Hughes asked staff in a memo to help out for a three-month period.

“People who respond will be trained and rostered into the ramp environment at Sydney and Melbourne airports,” Hughes wrote.

“These people will support our ground handling partners, who are managing the Qantas operation, over a three-month period from mid-August.”

About 100 managers are sought to scan and transport luggage.

Qantas ’reputation has tanked in recent months with major flight disruptions and baggage handling issues.

Hundreds of baggage handlers were fired during Covid and replaced with cheaper outsourced labour, a move ruled illegal by federal court.

It recently issued an apology to customers for sub-par service, long queues at misplaced baggage.

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