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Tourism is Nassau County's largest job creator and a leading driver of its economy. Our vision is to position Amelia Island as one of North America's top 10 island destinations, maximizing the return on tax dollars invested, increasing demand, and enhancing the visitor experience. Our programs are funded by a 5% tourist tax on short-term accommodations. We dedicate over 75% of that revenue to advertising and promoting Amelia Island using a variety of channels. Created by the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners in 1988, the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council (AITDC) oversees the development and marketing of Amelia Island as a world-class tourism destination. As provided by Florida law, the AITDC is responsible for the expenditure of revenues received from the levy and imposition of the ...Read more
Company Name : Amelia Island
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Contact Email/Link : Sales Department , Reservations Department

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