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About TravelMole and Partner Zone



Since the start of the pandemic, we have been working hard to reengineer and rethink our approach to business-to-business marketing within the Travel Industry.  We are delighted to let you know that the fruits of our labor/labour were launched in November and we now have a new Mole – the fifth generation in 23 years. We believe it to be the most effective integrated B2B marketing platform available in the marketplace.



TravelMole reaches 85,000 UK travel agents and professionals, over 120,000 in North America, and 70,000 in Asia-Pacific and Australia.  They generate 2 million page views each month.  Destinations and travel suppliers combine:


    • Traditional email and banner marketing campaigns, continue to consistently deliver millions of brand impressions and thousands of clicks.
    • The newly released Partner content platform, facilitates year-round drip marketing, through an integrated B2B website and newsletter content marketing suite.

Together they ensure optimum branding, lead generation, bookings, agent training registration, webinar sign-ups, and position your brand as an authoritative leader in your space.


Click on “Partner Zone” above and visit some of the Featured Partner pages.  You’ll note they contain most if not all the business-related information a travel agent or tour operator would want to and should know about a destination or travel supplier without having to surf across the entirety of the world wide web.  It will generate leads, sales, new training, and webinar sign-ups and position you as an authoritative leader in your space.

Meet-up requested are encouraged with your sales managers, whose details and photos may be included on your Partner Zone hub page, which are linked to an internal messaging and notification system.

All the content on the site will be under your control but can be auto-updated from sources such as social media feeds, news stories, and videos.


To get a better understanding of how powerful the new site is please look through the following and share it with your colleagues:



The cost for a Partner Zone subscription starts at below $/£100 per month (cost details and options here).  Campaign packages which also include email blasts and banner ads start from $/£ 1,195 per month for top-of-the-range drip-feed marketing.


Featured Partners avail themselves of special advertising discounts and discounted marketing campaign packages.  Please contact [email protected] for further details and to set up a Zoom walk through.


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