About us
Founded more than 20 years ago, we provide group tours in excess of 60 destinations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, India and Latin America. Our tours bring together like-minded people of all ages, so whether clients are travelling solo, with a partner or with a larger group, you can be sure they’ll have great experiences in great company. We only use expert guides local to a traveller’s destination. In 2018, we were delighted to win awards in five categories at the British Travel Awards, including Best Medium Holiday Company to Africa. As well as outstanding group tours, we offer unparalleled tailor-made holidays. We’re proud to support local economies and leave the lightest footprint possible – approximately 70% of tour costs remain in the ...Read more
Company Name : On The Go Tours
Contact us

Lisa McCowan

General manager, UK and Europe


Contact us: 07985 660303

Lisa lived in Japan for five years teaching English to children.

Jenn Wilkes

Business development manager, northern UK and Scotland


Contact us: 07402 403899

Jenn used to be in an Abba tribute band.

Rachel Newcombe

Business development manager, England, Ireland and Wales


Contact us: 07869 386558

Rachel’s kept every plane ticket she’s ever travelled on since she was 14 years old.

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