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Barbados offers a combination of ease and passion for all types of travellers. We want everyone who loves Barbados to join us in celebrating the richness of our culture, our lifestyle and our heritage. We embrace our indomitable icons, legends and proud craftsmen of our fate who have helped Barbados to become a world-class destination. The effort of our travel communities is essential to the work we do in promoting our island. Barbados continues to support the trade through a number of fam trips, regional tradeshows, newsletters, events, online training and reward programmes with Barbados Elite Club.

Company Name : Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.
News & announcements
  • 10 Feb 23

    Partner News
    Barbados To Host 41st Caribbean Travel Marketplace This Spring
      Barbados will host the 41st edition of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s (CHTA) ...Read more
  • 08 Feb 23

    Partner News
    Sailors Flock to Barbados for Top Sailing Week
        With seven exhilarating days on the high seas, Barbados Sailing week officially kicked ...Read more
  • 14 Dec 22

    Expert Hub
    Six Great Ocean Adventures – Visit Barbados
      When you think of fantastic beaches, you should think of beaches in Barbados. After ...Read more
  • 17 Nov 22

    Expert Hub
    Rihanna to the World – Visit Barbados
      In a tiny village on the outskirts of the capital Bridgetown, a quaint domicile ...Read more
  • 12 Nov 22

    Jens, CEO of Barbados Tourism details the future tourism strategy for the country
    Coming out of Covid, Jens sees Barbados' future is to create the framework, on top ...Read more
  • 11 Nov 22

    Partner News
    Barbados Win Big at the Elegant Resorts Supplier Awards 2022
      Barbados Tourism Marketing Awarded the Most Supportive Tourist Board at Elegant Resorts’ Supplier Awards ...Read more
  • 23 Sep 22

    Partner News
    Barbados Removes All COVID-19 Protocols
      On Thursday, September 22nd, the Government of Barbados announced its changes to the travel ...Read more
  • 23 Sep 22

    Barbados removes all Covid-19 protocols
    The Government of Barbados announced the scrapping of remaining Covid-19 related entry protocols. Effective now, ...Read more
  • 23 May 22

    Barbados lifts testing for vaccinated travellers
    The Government of Barbados has announced a key change to its travel protocols. Effective May ...Read more
  • 04 Mar 22

    Barbados Elite Club
      ABOUT BARBADOS ELITE CLUB   The very development of the Barbados Elite Club is ...Read more
  • 28 Feb 22

    Barbados eases entry testing
    A week after ending its curfew, the Government of Barbados announced new updates to ease ...Read more
  • 20 Nov 21

    Partner News
    Barbados Is Set To Become A Republic This Month
    The former British colony is set to become a republic on Nov. 30, the 55th ...Read more
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