Discover the Future of Travel with Jaz Hotel Group at World Travel Market in London. Your Home to World Class Hospitality. - TravelMole

Discover the Future of Travel with Jaz Hotel Group at World Travel Market in London. Your Home to World Class Hospitality.

Monday, Oct 16, 2023 0


Travco Group, a leading travel and tourism conglomerate, will be showcasing the future of travel at the World Travel Market in London from November 6-8, 2023.


Travco Group is known for its innovative approach to the tourism industry, and its presence at WTM is sure to be a highlight of the event. The company will be showcasing its latest products and services, as well as its vision for the future of travel.


Save the date for your exclusive invitation into the new era of tourism in Travco Group Booth S8-408 at the most coveted and influential global travel and tourism event, WTM London from the 6th to the 8th Of November, 2023.


Travco Group embarked on its monumental journey back in 1979 and has since evolved into a leading conglomerate in the travel, tourism, hospitality, and real estate development sectors across Egypt and the Middle East. The group’s impressive growth can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to service excellence, an extensive network of partners, forward-thinking vision, and a global business outlook. As a privately held travel and leisure company, Travco Group International boasts assets worth over EGP70 billion and encompasses more than 50 companies specializing in hospitality, transportation, aviation, security, and travel. With four decades of experience, Travco Travel has emerged as a pioneering force in Egypt’s tourism sector, curating bespoke tours and offering an array of diverse vacation packages. From thrilling adventures to immersive cultural experiences, recreational pursuits, and luxurious resort getaways, Travco offers an extensive range of options to cater to every traveler’s preference.


Travco Group’s hospitality arm is expertly managed by the internationally acclaimed Jaz Hotel Group. With 56 properties across Egypt and 7 brands of resorts & cruises, Jaz Hotel Group is a renowned name in the region, offering world-class standards for exquisite, one-of-a-kind getaways. The story of Jaz Hotel Group began with Jaz Hotels & Resorts, a perfect blend of elegance and authentic beauty. From their world-class gastronomy to high-end facilities, Jaz Hotels & Resorts promises a truly exceptional experience. Jaz Cruises, on the other hand, offers 26 all-inclusive regal dream cruises, including 5 majestic Dahabeyat and 6 opulent Steigenberger cruises. This expansion has turned Jaz Hotel Group into an empire of tailored experiences, exquisite vacations, and unstoppable explorations.


Jaz Hotel Group could not have chosen a better, bigger, or more impactful stage for their unveiling of the new generation of travel than at WTM London.


This event brings out the best of the most visionary, explorative, and trendsetting global community in one place for 3 days of transformation, innovation, inspiration and influence.


Travco Group expands with New Developments in Zanzibar and Morocco. Travco Group is proud to announce the launch of its subsidiary, BOARDING PASS DMC, in Morocco. With our customer-centric approach, we are committed to providing exceptional services that create a lifetime of unforgettable experiences for our clients.


As Morocco aspires to become one of the world’s top tourist destinations, TRAVCO GROUP and its dedicated teams stand ready to support this ambition.


Our Moroccan Destination Management Company, BOARDING PASS DMC, is based in Marrakech and boasts extensive local knowledge, expertise, and resources. We specialize in designing and executing events, activities, tours, transportation, and program logistics.


Morocco has already shown promising growth in tourism, with a 20% increase in tourist arrivals by the end of May 2023 compared to the same period in 2019. The resumption of direct flights will further elevate interest in this year-round destination, which has a global audience.


Travco Group expands its operations to Zanzibar. In recent times, Zanzibar has witnessed a considerable surge in tourist arrivals, due to its stunning natural beauty and historical significance. The number of tourists visiting Zanzibar has been steadily increasing, with a remarkable 538,000 visitors in 2019. This highlights the island’s growing popularity as a premier tourist destination.


Jaz Hotel Group is thrilled to unveil an exciting chapter in our journey, marked by a remarkable expansion. We are proud to introduce the addition of Zanzibar, an exotic paradise, to our growing portfolio of 9 new hotels and resorts. This expansion also encompasses 3 Jaz Cruises and 3 Dahabeyat vessels. With these new developments, our vision is to set an even higher standard of excellence in the realm of hospitality, offering extraordinary experiences and accommodations that cater to the most discerning travelers. Our commitment remains unwavering – to ensure all our guests encounter unmatched levels of service and unforgettable moments.


This year, we’re promising to change the industry once again and share it with all our partners, stakeholders and customers with immersive and memorable experiences, unrivaled scenic destinations, elegant accommodations and ravish transportation.

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