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Experience history aboard Iberotel Lotus Boat’s first day trip to Dendera

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023 0


Jaz Hotel Group is pleased to announce the reopening of the Iberotel Lotus Boat, a one-of-a-kind floating restaurant and pavilion experience that started in Cairo in 1989; Iberotel Lotus Boat takes you where pharaohs and iconic queens have written history in unrivaled style.


The first luxurious floating pavilion and restaurant that can only be found in Luxor aboard the Iberotel Lotus Boat.  Uniquely renovated in October 2022 to give you an experience in every bite and every view.


With a capacity of up to 60 guests to accommodate smaller or larger groups depending on the type of event, Iberotel Lotus is considered the city’s only boat that offers this experience. Private parties, office gatherings, engagements, weddings, and birthdays are all possibilities. In addition to the restaurant and bar, it also features a swimming pool, changing rooms, and a multi – functional lounge.


Guests will cruise the riverbanks from Luxor to Dendarah while being guided through the Temple of the Goddess Hathor. A delicious lunch buffet will be served during the cruise.


Guests will see Luxor’s historic monuments and scenery, eventually leading to a final stop right in front of the Iberotel Luxor Hotel to enjoy a perfect sunset.

Learn more about Jaz Hotel Group

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