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OUTRIGGER ‘Zones In’ on Ocean Conservation

Wednesday, Jun 14, 2023 0


From clean-ups to coral planting, OUTRIGGER focuses on
ocean health, this World Ocean Month


This June for World Ocean Month, OUTRIGGER Resorts & Hotels has pledged to continue making a difference at its premier beach resorts worldwide. Activities connected to ocean health and conservation will take place at each OUTRIGGER resort throughout the month. Each event will empower, educate and inspire guests and hosts to care for our oceans. A sample of OUTRIGGER’S World Ocean Month activities includes:



  • OUTRIGGER Khao Lak Beach Resort, in association with Mangrove Resources Conservation Centre and the local community, will plant 2,000 mangrove trees and collect trash on the shore where the mangrove trees are being planted. Mangrove trees reduce shoreline erosion, protect coastal communities against flooding and are a spawning habitat for a wide variety of marine life.
  • OUTRIGGER Koh Samui Beach Resort will join Trash Heroes in a community beach cleanup and also join Baan Tai Crab Bank in releasing baby crabs into the ocean. Those participating will be educated on the lifespan of crabs, the importance of habitat and responsible fishing practices.
  • OUTRIGGER Surin Beach Resort will join Phuket Mangrove Resources Conservation Centre and the local community in planting 2,000 mangrove trees in addition to releasing fish and prawns to the sea for the conservation of a sustainable mangrove forest.




  • OUTRIGGER Maldives Maafushivaru Resort will have coral planting, a whale shark and manta excursion, arts and crafts using plastic from the ocean, a school visit to bring awareness to ocean conservation, an evening documentary introduced by the resort’s marine biologist, plus activities and a data identification session on whale sharks and manta rays.




  • Castaway Island, Fiji Resort will hold an environmentally themed race in addition to planting coral, making fish houses (a natural habitat for marine life), cleaning up underwater and planting coastal fruiting trees that provide fruit, shade and protection.
  • OUTRIGGER Fiji Beach Resort will have a beach and roadside cleanup, realign and clean coral tables, remove Crown of Thorns starfish, which damage coral reefs and are one of the major causes of coral decline, plant coral and make and sink fish houses.




  • Aina Nalu Lahaina by Outrigger and Kaanapali Maui at the Eldorado by Outrigger will participate in beach cleanups and OUTRIGGER Honua Kai Resort & Spa will care for its adopted highway.




  • Kiahuna Plantation Resort Kauai by Outrigger will engage host children in a colouring contest voted on by hosts, guests and others for fun prizes.




  • OUTRIGGER Kona Resort & Spa, Fairway Villas Waikoloa by Outrigger and Royal Sea Cliff Kona by Outrigger will partner with Kahalu‘u Beach for a clean-up and to support the “Reef Teach” team who will educate on cauliflower coral spawning at Kahalu‘u Bay.


“As a global toes-in-the-sand brand, OUTRIGGER has a front-row seat to our ocean and we have a responsibility for its care now and for future generations,” said Monica Salter, VP of Global Communications and Social Responsibility. “We aim to inspire action for the good of our planet this World Ocean Month and beyond.”

OUTRIGGER’s Hawaii resorts are now Green Seal certified and are founding members of the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s Responsible Stay initiative. They are also part of Global Hotel Alliance’s new Green Collection.

Since the founding of its global OUTRIGGER Zone conservation initiative in 2014, the company has preserved, protected and planted approximately 100 football fields of coral reef and was the first Hawaii hospitality brand to champion reef-safe sunscreen and provide it for guests.

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