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We take great pride in preserving what makes our varied historic cultures unique and fascinating. The traditions of our Mi’kmaq, Acadian, African Nova Scotian and Gaelic influences live strong in our everyday. Throughout your travels in Nova Scotia, learn and experience how the deep roots of our founders continue to shape our present and future. The Mi’kmaq are native to this rugged, sea-swept peninsula. Their art, music, language and spirituality are just a drum beat away. The spirit of l’Acadie also echoes deep in our culture, a legacy of the intrepid French settlers who first arrived and settled in Nova Scotia in the seventeenth century. The French were followed, not always harmoniously, by the British, who brought over tens of thousands of Gaelic-speaking settlers from ...Read more
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  • 11 Oct 21

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    What’s New in Nova Scotia
    In Nova Scotia, finding great places to go on an adventure is easy - finding ...Read more
  • 11 Oct 21

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    Nova Scotia is home to some of the most authentic, exclusive and extraordinary coastal experiences in North America
      Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark: The Cliffs of Fundy Geopark is Nova Scotia’s ...Read more
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