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Our goal is simple: we want people to visit the Czech Republic. We want to share the depth, details, and culture of a modern destination that combines natural beauty with a fascinating history. In more official terms, the Czech Tourism Authority – CzechTourism, under the Ministry for Regional Development, aims to increase the awareness of the country both domestically and worldwide. Czech Tourism is focused on a global audience, with headquarters in the Czech Republic as well as a network of foreign offices in Europe (e.g. Germany, Great Britain and Spain) and around the world (e.g. China, Brazil and the United States).

Company Name : Visit Czech Republic
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  • 12 Apr 22

    Partner News
    Czech Republic Eases Covid Travel Restrictions For Travellers From Across The World
      As of April 9th 2022, the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Health has eased all ...Read more
  • 07 Mar 22

    Czech Republic open for tourism despite state of emergency
    Despite a state of emergency , CzechTourism continues to welcome all visitors and is preparing ...Read more
  • 20 Jan 22

    Partner News
    Czech Traditions – Returning To The Roots
      CzechTourism’s theme for 2022 focuses on all of the elements that make the country ...Read more
  • 29 Dec 21

    Partner News
    New Night Trains to Connect Prague, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin
      A new night train between Prague and Brussels has been ranked by TimeOut among ...Read more
  • 24 Jun 21

    Czech Republic welcomes back US travelers
    US travelers are now welcome in the Czech Republic under pre-Covid conditions, allowing for stays ...Read more
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