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Zambia – Let’s Explore, the home of the mighty Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, a UNESCO rated World Heritage Site and home of the best African Safaris. Zambia is immensely endowed with natural beauty, wildlife, heritage and historical sites. The country is one of Africa’s most peaceful countries and its people are evidently friendly and welcoming. Adventure Adrenaline thrills offered in the adventure capital of Southern Africa Culture 73 tribes, 10 regions, over 100 colourful traditional ceremonies. Heritage 140 waterfalls & rapids, 4050 Heritage sites including Victoria Falls Wildlife Explore 20 wildlife parks and 34 Game Management Areas (GMA)...Read more
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  • 10 Oct 21

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    7 Things To Do In Samfya
    Photo credit www.twitter.com/iamthezuba Looking for things to do in Samfya, Things to do in Luapula By ...Read more
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