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With long periods of Thailand’s History, according to evidences and studies, Sukhothai was the first kingdom of Thailand.  At that time, an early Thai script was invented by King Ramkhamhaeng, the great king of Sukhothai, and there also were records about events in the king’s reign.  After Sukhothai period, the new kingdoms arose that are Ayuthaya, Thonburi and Rattanakosin which is the present kingdom of Thailand.  Each period owns its important Historical events and interesting cultural changes. In Sukhothai period, King Sri Indraditya founded Sukhothai in 1238 governed by the monarchy system.  The glorious era was in the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great and after his death, it came to the fall of Sukhothai Kingdom. In Ayuthaya Period, King U Thong founded the kingdom in 1350, and the kingdom then became powerful in politics ...Read more
Company Name : Tourism Authority of Thailand
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  • 30 Aug 22

    Thailand tourist tax implemented next year
    Thailand’s oft-delayed tourist tax will definitely be implemented ‘next year’ says Thailand’s Minister of Tourism ...Read more
  • 29 Aug 22

    Thailand bullish on10 million arrivals this year
    Thailand has restated its aim of welcoming 10 million foreign tourist arrivals by the year-end. ...Read more
  • 21 Aug 22

    Thailand to extend visas to boost tourism
    Thailand’s Tourism Ministry wants tourist visas to be extended to boost visitor numbers. The Ministry ...Read more
  • 25 Jul 22

    Partner News
    What’s new in Thailand?
      Sawasdee ka, ! Welcome to your July update from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. ...Read more
  • 21 Jul 22

    Thailand sets out 2023 tourism goals
    Tourism Authority of Thailand governor Yuthasak Supasorn unveiled next year’s tourism strategy, with a target ...Read more
  • 12 Jun 22

    Thailand delays tourism fee
    Thailand’s proposed THB300 tourism fee will be postponed until at least the fourth quarter this ...Read more
  • 02 Jun 22

    Thailand on track for 7-10 million tourists in 2022
    About 1.3 million foreign travellers have visited Thailand so far in the first five months ...Read more
  • 22 May 22

    Thailand lifts restrictions on nightlife
    Thailand is allowing bars, pubs and karaoke clubs to restart regular operations. Entertainment venues can ...Read more
  • 08 May 22

    Thailand targeting 20 million visitors next year
    The Tourism Authority of Thailand remains confident the country can welcome up to 20 million ...Read more
  • 01 May 22

    Thai tourism fee to begin in third quarter
    Thailand will implement the proposed tourism fee in the third quarter. The THB300 Thailand Tourism ...Read more
  • 24 Apr 22

    Thailand scraps arrival testing for fully vaccinated
    Thailand officials confirmed no more arrival testing will be required on arrival for fully vaccinated ...Read more
  • 17 Apr 22

    Thailand mulls legal casino resorts
    Thailand mulls is again tentatively considering legalised gambling and the development of casino resorts. A ...Read more
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