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Mitre Group are a training provider, dedicated to supporting businesses with expert programmes, helping individuals to grow and succeed. We're a family run business and we love what we do. Our commitment to top-class education sets us apart from the competition, as well as our enthusiasm for supporting individuals to develop in their careers. Apprenticeships are changing, and we're looking to spread the word about how they can be utilised by travel organisations to introduce new talent to your teams. We're passionate about educating businesses on how Apprenticeship programmes and the associated funding can be accessed, and why every organisation should be considering offering them to their staff! Mitre Group are proud to be a UK provider of the Level 3 Travel Consultant Apprenticeship Programme, ...Read more
Company Name : Mitre Group Ltd
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  • 08 Dec 21

    Partner News
    Travel Consultant Apprenticeship Programme
      Travel is a part of life. Whether it's travelling to work, travelling for holidays, ...Read more
  • 22 Nov 21

    Short of trained travel staff? Take an apprentice and let the government help
    Apprenticeships are normally associated with manufacturing trades but there is no reason why the travel ...Read more
  • 19 Oct 21

    Partner News
    Get £3,000-£4,000 for hiring an apprentice!
      If you have ever been considering hiring an apprentice then there has never been ...Read more
  • 01 Sep 21

    Expert Hub
    How To Nail A Job Interview!
      Job Interviews.   No two are the same.   There's always different questions, different ...Read more
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