How To Nail A Job Interview!

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Job Interviews.


No two are the same.


There’s always different questions, different approaches, and the rest!


However, don’t fear! Our team have some top tips for you to help you nail any interview…


  1. Research and Prepare


Make sure you have researched the company and know as much as you can about them and what they do!


“Do you know much about our company or shall we give you a brief introduction?”


This is a very common interview question and will likely be one of the first questions you will be asked. Demonstrate you’re interest in the job by showcasing everything you’ve learned from your research.


Remember, the interviewers work for your potential employers so don’t make things up on the spot… make sure you have researched in full detail!


As well as the company, be sure to research the job, know what your roles and responsibilities will be as the interviewers will definitely ask you questions like…


“Why do you think you are suited to this role and what experience you have which will make you suited to those responsibilities?

Why do you want this job?

Why do you think you’re well suited for this role?”


Be confident that you’re answering this question with the criteria they will want to hear, and even better, have pre-prepared examples to back them up! They are probably the most important questions of the interview.


Following on from that thought:


  1. Know the person specification!


On a job advert an employer will list a person specification. This will have details of the personal qualities they are seeking from their new employee. Make sure you know these and relate back to them in some way. You should be displaying how you are the perfect fit of that specification.


The person specification will form the basis of the interview questions as it describes the perfect person for the role. They’re trying to find out if you are that person! So know it and make sure you’re constantly referring to points they have stated they want in a candidate.


But how else can you prepare? Research yourself! Study your CV, know what you included on your CV, as you may have changed your CV to tailor the job you’re applying for! It is really clear to an employer when an interviewee is not aware of what they can bring to the role. With that in mind…


  1. Skill Stories


These are anecdotes from previous experience where you have learnt and/or developed a skill that will help you in your new employment. Have these ready! Again, go to the person specification and job description – this will have the skills they want and will ask about. Have a skill story that includes as many examples as possible – they wont ask for an example for every skill so get as my into the one one they do ask! This way, if they ask about team work, for example, and you mention leadership, research and customer service then you are showing you have those skills as well – 2 birds, 1 stone!


  1. No such thing as a weakness


One of the most common interview questions is


“What are your greatest strengths and biggest weaknesses?”


Prepare for this one, it will come up!


Here’s the trick – Don’t say an actual weakness! If you sit in front of an employer and tell them you are a poor time keeper and are not motivated you are not getting the job!


Biggest weakness doesn’t exist, it should be called the area you most want to develop!


For example, if you have had a job that hasn’t given many (if at all) opportunities for leadership say that! But make sure you make it clear it is an area you want to develop but you have been unable to do due to lack of opportunity, as that is something you cannot help. Your future employer will be mighty impressed!


  1. Outfit.


What you wear makes a big impact and can instantly form a good impression of you. If you’re ever not sure, remember it’s better to be overdressed than under dressed! My personal opinion is to always go in a suit, even if you think you’ll be overdressed, it shows you care and have put effort into how you are perceived and take the job seriously.


So you’ve done all the prep and now you’re at the interview; now what…


  1. Be There Early


Never has the phrase “being on time is late” been more important than for an interview – Especially if you have written that you are punctual on your CV! Be there 10 minutes early, minimum!


  1. The Start


When does an interview start? When you sit down? When you shake hands? No! When you walk through the front doors of reception!


Everything you do in the building is part of the interview. It is not uncommon for the interviewer to ask the receptionist or those who you have had encounters with before them how you conducted yourself before the interview.


  1. Body Language Is Key


When you walk in the room make sure you shake hands with the interviewers. How you sit conveys a lot about yourself to the interviewer, it shows level of interest, so make sure you sit up straight make eye contact. Sitting back, slouching and staring into space does not give a good impression at all!


Confidence is key and your body language is such an important part. If you have done the research you will come across confident in your voice and just make sure your body language is helping you tell them the full story!


  1. How do you structure your answers?


Using the C.A.R model you cannot go wrong!


C is for context.

A is for Action.

R is for result.


Context means the examples, the anecdote. In this section you should also talk about the skills you have gained from the situation.


Action means what you did and how you were successful. What did you do to make sure you achieved what you needed to? This is important!


Result means what was the outcome that was caused by your actions. And most importantly what did you learn!


  1. Ask them questions!


The interview is as much for you to ask them questions as it is for them! If there’s anything you want clarifying or you’d like to know more about!


In 99% of cases, the interviewer will always end their interviews with…


“Have you got any questions you would like to ask us?”


Always have one prepared! Why not ask….


“Are there any opportunities for development?”


They may be looking for someone to stay in the company a long time… by asking about these topics you are telling them you are looking for a career with them rather than a stepping stone and immediately be ahead of the opposition!


These are our top tips to nail a job interview, we hope these help you in getting your dream job!

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