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We work with reliable data providers with global coverage, that guarantee data representativeness as well as compliance with International Personal Data Protection laws. Our data sources are as varied as the different modules we offer for tourism analysis.  Tourist Behaviour: we analyse spontaneous interactions on Social Media and Opinion platforms related to the tourism sector in order to extract indicators based on visitors’ interests and perceptions.  Accommodation offer for a specific destination (hotels and alternative accommodation): we work with data from OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and tourism reservation platforms.  Air Connectivity: we analyse patterns related to air schedules, flight searches, flight bookings via data from the main GDSs (Global Distribution System) and companies specialised in monitoring air connectivity.  Spend at destination: we analyse patterns of ...Read more
Company Name : Mabrian Technologies
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  • 20 Jan 23

    Partner News
    The fastest growing source markets with flights to Madrid for 2023
      Mexico and Colombia lead the destinations with the highest growth in air capacity to ...Read more
  • 30 Aug 22

    Partner News
    Could climate change mean that winter becomes the new summer in travel? – Mabrian Technologies
      When it comes to climate change the travel industry needs to change its approach ...Read more
  • 07 Jul 22

    Partner News
    Mabrian reinforces its team to accelerate its expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America
      Incorporation of four people to enhance the company’s presence in different regions to offer ...Read more
  • 27 Jun 22

    Partner News
    Research from Mabrian on average hotel prices for Mediterranean destinations
      Mabrian has conducted a study of average hotel prices by room type for all ...Read more
  • 10 May 22

    Partner News
    Middle Eastern destinations still on the way to recovery – Mabrian Technologies
      Data shows that the region is still on the way to recovering pre-pandemic values ...Read more
  • 07 Apr 22

    Partner News
    Mediterranean destinations improve efficiency in CO2 emissions compared to 2019 – Mabrian Technologies
      Mabrian, in a new study based on tourism data and intelligence, compares the aviation ...Read more
  • 18 Mar 22

    Partner News
    Instability in Eastern Europe fuels Easter Week in Spain and Portugal – Mabrian Technologies
      Mabrian study detects that the impact of the war has affected trends in supply and ...Read more
  • 25 Feb 22

    Partner News
    The top 20 destinations with the most dependency on Russian tourism – Mabrian Technologies
      Mabrian Technologies highlights in a graph the countries that would be most affected in ...Read more
  • 11 Feb 22

    Partner News
    Omicron accelerates tourism’s recovery for summer 2022
      Mabrian publishes data comparing vaccination rates with the evolution of air capacity for summer ...Read more
  • 01 Feb 22

    Partner News
    Sustainability, the key to reactivating tourism – Mabrian Technologies
      What are the six indices that Mabrian’s Sustainability Dashboard measures?   Why sustainability will ...Read more
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