The best stargazing spots in Nevada

Saturday, May 14, 2022 0

Travel Nevada has mapped out the biggest astrological events of 2022 and the best places to see them in the state

The state is home to some of the last true dark skies in America and one of only seven Dark Sky Sanctuaries in the world.

There are several stargazing hotspots in the Silver State, so professional and amateur astrologers really can’t go wrong wherever they set up their telescopes. However, to help travelers get a truly stellar experience, Travel Nevada has paired this year’s major events with some of the state’s most inspiring locations:

Total Lunar Eclipse & Strawberry Moon at Great Basin National Park – Two of this year’s lunar events, the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 15-16 and the Strawberry Moon on June 14, offer out-of-this-world viewing experiences for aspiring astrologers. Travelers can view both events at Great Basin National Park, designated as one of the darkest places in the Lower 48 by the International Dark Sky Association. This National Park is also considered one of the quietest parks in the U.S. with the lack of big crowds, low light pollution, and Nevada’s second tallest hike-able peak.

Five Planets for the Viewing Eye at Massacre Rim Dark Sky Sanctuary – From June 18 through June 27, travelers can view Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn assemble a perfect line through the night sky. To view the line of planets in the best way, visitors can travel to the Massacre Rim Dark Sky Sanctuary. This sanctuary is one of seven in the entire world, receiving its Dark Sky title in 2019 by the International Dark Sky Association.

Perseid Meteor Shower on the Sunset, Stars & Champagne Train – Have you ever wondered what 150-200 meteors per hour look like in the dark sky? Look no further than the Silver State, as the entire state of dark skies will have the Perseid Meteor Shower on full display. This celestial event, from July 17 through August 24, also aligns with Nevada’s Milky Way viewing season. Travelers can enjoy these events in the open-aired locomotive known as the Nevada Northern Railway’s Sunset, Stars & Champagne Train. Each ticket includes a glass of champagne from East Ely Depot in eastern Nevada to the Steptoe Valley.

Great Basin Astronomy Festival at Great Basin National Park – Stargazers can make plans now for this three-day festival, September 22-24, at Great Basin National Park. By day, travelers can explore the park’s alpine lakes, trails, ancient pine coves, and extensive cave system. By night, Dark Sky Rangers lead presentations and guests can gaze up at the Milky Way with telescopes.

To further plan a stargazing experience, check Travel Nevada’s newly designed Stargazing page.

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