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From the beginning, ATI’s philosophy has been “innovation, not duplication.“ Developing specialized technology solutions to connect over 30,000 accommodation, attraction, and transportation supplier partners to clients worldwide makes ATI an industry innovator. Reinventing the concept of escorted touring for new generations, our award winning “Airtours” feature a new and exciting multi-modal transportation concept, travelling by private air, rail, and deluxe motor coach, enabling both first time and return touring passengers to cover long distances efficiently, experiencing destinations in an in-depth yet hassle-free way. Designed with flexibility at the forefront, ATI’s DriveAmerica concept offers more choices than ever before, allowing our customers to innovate, by customizing bespoke individual road trips across all 50 United States and Canada. As a professional and dedicated team, we are committed ...Read more
Company Name : American Tours International
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  • 06 Oct 21

    Partner News
    ARIZONA – Life on A Grander Scale | Explore: Inspirational Canada, Savor The West, Southern Charms, Heartland Of America, Hawaiian Hospitality, Brand USA Features
    ATI’s recently released 2020 version of our In-Tour magazine “Where Next?” is now available! Partnering ...Read more
  • 06 Oct 21

    Partner News
    Drive America with Best Western Hotels & Resorts and American Tours International (ATI)
    Sometimes your next big adventure is only a short drive away. Hit the open road ...Read more
  • 04 Oct 21

    Partner News
    Discounted Drive America Road Trip Packages, Customizable And Commissionable With American Tours International
    AmericanTours International’s (ATI) Drive America customizable road trip packages make it easy for travel agents ...Read more
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